the messenger

We know how you are feeling…

And you should seek out the truth behind your dream…

Since ancient times, dreams are believed to contain hidden secrets about our lives. But the dream should be interpreted by “The Messenger” to reveal the covered meaning in it. If you want the interpretation of your dream as accurate as possible, you need to pay special attention to all the details in your dream. Because a tiny detail will change the meaning of your dream completely. Dreams`opedia covers all the details without exception.

“The Messenger” will interpret your dream and uncover the hidden meanings.

“The Messenger” excels in pointing out details in the dream, profiling the dreamer, matching the details and the profiles, explaining symbols, and giving advice. Dreams`opedia is the only medium where The Messenger interprets your dreams.

“The Messenger” says:

  • I do not interpret the dreams of people for whom I do not sense good vibes.
  • Evil dreams will not be interpreted.
  • Religious figures and racist dreams will not be interpreted.
  • Dreams that seen during Blood Moon will not be interpreted.
  • Dreams that are written on irrelevant pages will not be interpreted.

Before you write your dream to us, you must:

  • Extract key aspects of your dream and search for them separately.
  • Visit the page that is mostly related to your dream and add your dream as a comment in an understandable language.
  • Your comments will be answered by “The Messenger” during the day.
  • When your dream is interpreted, you will be informed by e-mail.
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