Dream about a black cadillac

Dream about A Black Cadillac expresses spirituality and vital energy. You tend to go along with the group. You are preoccupied with your appearance and are worried about how others perceive you. This dream points to creation, imagination and new ideas. You will experience a more satisfying social surrounding.

A Black Cadillac signifies sensuality and harmony, especially in some relationship. You are feeling used and manipulated. Someone can see right through you and your facade. Your dream expresses reconciliation, peace and hope. You have lofty aspirations and idealistic goals.

Dreaming of Black and Cadillac

Black in your dream is a premonition for a reserved attitude toward a situation. You are refusing to see the facts of a situation or are in denial about something. You are in a current state of chaos and despair. This dream is a message for your desires for financial security. You are in search of your inner strength or are trying to connect with your subconscious.

Black in this dream suggests your hot and quick temper. You feel stuck. You need to swallow your pride in some situation. This dream is your level of power in some situation of your life. You are feeling inferior or unworthy.

Cadillac in dream is an indication for a new beginning or a somber conclusion. You need to show restraint and control in your feelings. You need to get in contact with someone. Your dream is an evidence for your graciousness and your feminine, receptive qualities. You need to address some animalistic or primitive thoughts.

Cadillac dream suggests your gravitation for oddness and peculiarity. You need to take some time off and cater to the inner child within. You may be ready to confront your subconscious and unknown aspects of yourself. This dream is a message for your anxieties about death and aging. You need to take time for more leisurely or artistic pursuits.

Dream about both “Black” and “Cadillac” sadly draws attention to to a problem that you can not solve it by yourself. You are on the verge of breaking down and need to take some leisure time off to distance yourself from your issues. You are numb from fear. This dream states a person in your life who is eccentric or obnoxious. Someone is trying to motivate you and helping you achieve your goals.

Dream about a black cadillac refers to carelessness. Someone has a powerful influence on you. You are experiencing anxieties about the future and in achieving your goals. This dream is reluctance in starting over or in taking a new direction. You are disconnected from others.

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