Dream about a breaking wood

Dream about A Breaking Wood points to wholeness and the circle of life. You will rise above your problems and adversities. There is a higher authority that you need to answer to. Your dream points to life’s ups and downs. You are surrounded by strong relationships and solid friendships.

A Breaking Wood signals a romantic relationship. You need to maintain a happy median between what is ahead for you in the future and what you left behind in the past. You are clearing out all your past mistakes and starting fresh on a new slate. This dream is an evidence for a layer of protection from what you are feeling. You are alone with your ideas.

Dreaming of Breaking and Wood

Breaking dream is a hint for the monotony of your daily life. You are going through a period of uncertain changes. You are standing up for what believe even though you are going against the majority. This dream denotes some regret you have about a past decision or choice. Your are experiencing a conflict in ideas and interest.

Breaking in this dream signifies egotism or deceit. You feel ashamed about your own feelings. You need to get out from under the shadow and gain a different perspective on things. Your dream hints their insignificance. You need to make some major changes in your life.

Wood in dream is sometimes an aspect of yourself that you are trying to nurture. You are always on the lookout for anybody who is trying to out-maneuver, out-rank, or out-wit you. You are dealing with ideas and habits that need to be brought back into control. The dream is a metaphor for feelings of hopelessness about some situation or circumstance. You need less complications in your life.

Wood dream is a symbol for feelings of rejection by society. You need to study more or increase your self-knowledge. Perhaps you are too emotionally bonded to your mother. The dream points to repressed emotional thoughts or ideas that you are yearning to let out. A situation or relationship that you thought was dead or dormant is active again.

Dream about both “Breaking” and “Wood” is a warning for greed or lack of psychological nourishment. You may be too trusting and need to question the motives of others. Perhaps you are acting stupid and need to wise up. Your dream is a premonition for your refusal to acknowledge some conflict or inner turmoil. There is some aspect of yourself that you are also rejecting or refusing to acknowledge.

Dream about a breaking wood is about the renewal of life and reflection of your own past. You are seeking protection from loved ones. You are refusing to accept some repressed aspect of yourself. Your dream symbolises an escape from the unhappiness or the demands of your life. A new idea is forming or a new project is taking shape.

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