Dream about a deceased mother in law

Dream about A Deceased Mother In Law is success and victory. History repeats itself. It is time to catch up with old friends. This dream is a signal for prosperity and luxury. You have a new sense of confidence.

Deceased in your dream is sometimes people around you who are prone to violent outbursts and shifting mood swings. You are looking toward the future instead of dwelling on the past. You are experiencing some internal conflict or emotional struggle which is tearing you up inside. The dream states your interactions with society. You are trying to hide your true concerns.

Mother dream is a metaphor for a fear of being exposed or seen. You need to confront some repressed resentment or unexpressed anger. You are being acknowledged for your good deeds. Your dream is a symbol for an occurrence in your life that will cause you to lose your hopes and chances of success. You are having a problem accepting an aspect of your own character.

Law in this dream represents cluttered thoughts and confusion of ideas. Perhaps, your feelings of hate are beginning to show through. Your life is feeling out of control. Your dream signifies a situation where you do not want to know details about. You need more focus in some area of your life.

Dreaming of Deceased and Mother and Law

Dream About Deceased Mother is a symbol for stability, potential and inner growth. You need to be more compassionate and sympathetic to her or him. You will gain some amazing new wisdom and knowledge. The dream is something that is beneath you. You are ready to take a relationship to the next level.

Deceased and Law hints your own sense of pride and confidence. You are confident about the decisions you are making. Your suppressed urges are making themselves known via your dreams. The dream signals inner healing. You are allowing your life to float away.

Dream About Mother In Law is an indication for relationships and situations that you are leaving behind. You need to always be on the alert. Perhaps there is something you need to see more clearly. Your dream is a metaphor for your creativity and imagination. You are well grounded and rational in your thinking.

Dream about A Deceased Mother In Law is a symbol for concerns with your body and appearance. You will overcome your obstacles and hardships. You are suspicious of everyone’s intentions. This dream is a metaphor for self-punishment and self-blame. You need to take the lead in some projection or situation.

Sometimes, dream about a deceased mother in law refers to some immature relationship which may describe the relationship you had with your ex. You are being recognized for your good character. Your worse fears are coming true. The dream means to stress and pressure that someone is putting on you. You are experiencing a lack of support or power.

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Dead mother-in-law was taking a shower and asked me to get her clothes from another house and bring it to her. But while I was running with her clothes,
the clothes one by one fell to the ground and left with only 2 clothes for her. I did not complete her request


In my dream I was holding hat in my hands. Than I gave this hat to my mother-in-law and she looked so good in that hat. My mother-in-law died a yer ago.
This is my 3rd drem of hers.
In my first dream she just was sitting at the round table, seems she was waiting for food.
In my 2nd dream I saw her again sitting at the round table in the bright red t-shirt. And the feeling was that I gave her that t-shirt or it was my t-shirt.
Any inside would be much appreciated… Many thanks.


i dream my i went home to my country and as i saw my dead mother in law, i was so suprise for i know she was dead but i put my hands on both cheeks as her face looks much younger and she was smiling happily. i continue to touch her face as i was so surprise and happy at he same time to see her. her daugther came up the stairs, and as her daugther came up the stairs she left. i was so happy to see her words could not explain it.


I saw my dead mother in law . She was lying her bed .she was sick . She had pooped in her bed ..othe people were cleaning her sheet . Somebody called me to look after her . She asked her ..who am i the she didnt recognize me .then i said my name and she cried and said how can i forget . But she saw her grand child ..she kissed on his hand and hugged him ..then i tried to feed her ..she didnt eat ..


I dreamt of my deceased mother in law at a gathering with a lot of people some of which I knew and some strangers. She was with her husband who is still alive and it was like we just ran into each other and chatted and I said I would find my husband and hopefully meet up with them in a bit. I found him but then other friends started chatting so I told him I was going to go to a concert and he was going to meet me there. I ended up running into my mother in law snd he husband there again.


I dreamed of my deceased grandmother, that we were all in an unfamiliar place.. All my relatives were there, chatting, the place is like a subvision with big houses that was own by my grandmother. She handed me 20k php and told invest the 10k.. But i did not see an actual money.. I was happy and feeling secured . But i was a bit afraid, my feeling was like i don’t want my relatives know what my grandmother handed to me. Please help me interpret this dream. Thank you.


I dreamt my deceased mother in law telling me to tell everyone it’s ok. Shes in a blue dress. Can you please interpret this for me. Thanks in advance.

Beth V.

I dreamt of my deceased mother in law and she was with her older living daughter. She looked very well, younger. I saw her and I hugged her and immediately started to cry. She communicated with me in a different language which I didn’t understand. I looked to the daughter so she could tell me what my mother in law was trying to say to me. And the message was that she would let me know when she would return so I could go see her.


in my dream i was at my mother’s house and my mother in law who passed away 1 year ago, knocked on the door i opened it and she smiled at me and asked for her grand daughter, then she took a sit and started having a fun conversation with me and my mom.
am confused because am no longer in a relationship with her son.


My deceased mother in law came back to life and we were in kitchen and she was asking about all things about the house hold items


I had a dream which had 4 of my late family members in it. We were all present at a wedding. My uncle(we were at his daughters wedding), my granny, my mum in law and her sister. All 4 are late. In the dream I did not speak to them but I could see them sitting near me at the wedding. My mum in law and her sister were eating. I also took my mum inlaw and her sister home. Not sure what it all means.


I received a call from my deceased mother in law requesting help, and that I needed to send her some paperwork. She kept me on the phone and I can hear her breath and then she quickly asked me to send her something, she then passed the phone to a nurse then I woke up. She passed 17 years again.


i dreamed my deceased mother in law appeared and asked me to take her to my husband who was at our kids’ elementary school. i drove her there leaving our two sons behind at the house. we arrived and i either drove or walked her up to my husband, who was standing alone, maybe waiting. i then said to both of them, “i need to return home for the boys, they’re alone”. have no idea where our oldest, our daughter, was. maybe with my husband, at the school, playing with friends in the background…


I dreamed my deceased mother n law asked me to wash her hair. After I washed it I asked my grandson to bring a towel. He dried his hands on the towel. As I turned around someone had put rubber band in her hair like puffs.


My deceased mother in law was greatly upset about a decision already made, and wanted the decision changed.

The niece

Dream was about seeing my grandmother fathers side who has passed making a brides gown for my uncles first wife. They have been divorced for 35 years, his first wife refused to take are of his elderly mother. He has been married happily for over 14years. The dream seemed happy.


I had to fly over the sea from my home to a little Japanese town in a blimp multiple times but the yown was jovial and yhe ppl happy to see me. My mother in law who has passed away was thwre and loved by these ppl. She would sing gor them and we would rink wine and coffee and she would send me out into thw town. Everyone spoke different languages but o understood them vlearly. Little hirls dressed in tradition would bring me half used lip glossws and ask for presents. I woke up happy

Adiemea best

I saw my mother inlaw on the same sit with me talking,she is dead


My ex mother in law passed away a couple years ago. I broke things off with my ex recently (very messy breakup). She appeared in my dream last night. She looked so upset/worried/concerned and she said “He is devastated. What are you going to do?” I replied, “I’m going to continue living with my parents for a little bit and maybe go back for my masters or some certificate. He just didn’t motivate me” and she said nothing and I woke up. I don’t know why I feel so bad

Siphokazi Bothoman

Dreamt of my dead mother in law i have never met before, she was showing me how to clean and take care of the house and how to cook


Dead mother in law asking me to wash her feet


My dead mother in law asked me how I’m doing and I said that I miss my dead husband (her son), I started to cry and she said to me that I must be careful what I wish for because he will coming back. I loved my husband very much. She was very friendly and happy to see me


My mother in law passed away many years ago, in my dream we were at her funeral and suddenly as she lay in her coffin she came back to life.

Janis J.

My deceased mother-in-law was cutting up fruit in small cubes for my daughter. Though my daughter is now 24, she was about 2-3 in my dream. The fruit was papaya and one other fruit that I can’t remember, but I remember telling her it was a smart idea to cut it up in tiny pieces. We were all in a small white room in the back rooms of some kind of church building. My husband, her son, picked the fresh fruit from a garden.

Fouzia Khatri

I saw my Mother in Law is sitting in my building passage and tears are falling from her eyes but she is blessing me by seeing me and waving her hand and blessing me.


In my dream my deceased mother in law was asking questions about the family and how she is sad and we need to be careful because look what happened to her and how she died
She also was asking it we did this certain traditional thing for her but with a potato (which when I looked it up nothing like that existed) so it weird what she was talking about
But she also didn’t look rested and a bruises over her eyelids and she was crying


Me and my mother in law are out shopping in a drift store and mother in law is driving.


My mother in law who is now dead was alive and someone was hurting her and I protected her


My dead mother in law’s keep on saying wear your slipper

Tina G.

I dreamed my mother-in-law wanted to know what her dish plates looked like. What design they had. I desperately wanted to remember. I tried and tried to remember her plates so i could tell her. She was not visible in the dream, but she was there. I just didn’t see her. I woke up and still kept wanting to remember what her plates looked like. I asked my husnand, “do you remember what your mom’s plates looked like?” He couldn’t remember, either. My mother-in- law passed away 47 years ago.


Dream about your ex boyfriend’s ( baby dad) dead mother holding his hand he called me i just looked at him and walked away, his mum died before we met i have never seen her

Mike Walls

I dreamt of my recently deceased mother-in-law dressed in black and in a very dark setting. However, she was glowing very brightly underneath her black attire. She looked at me with a kind of stern and serious face.


I had a dream that I was at my deceased mother in laws house. I was out in the yard and she was going into the house and stopped and turned and just looked at me with a stern face. Then continued into the house.
A couple night before that I dreamed that I was in her house and it was haunted. A lady (ghost) was starring at me as i walked up the steps.
I dont know why i keep dreaming of her and the house.


I dream of my mother in law looking from her record book that she should have $20 but why only $18 left and I reply I will top up the $2 for her what does that mean????


My late mother in-law opened a close door while I was alone asking for money


I dreamed about my mom in law who passed on. In the dream my car was giving a challenge so she suggested that we drive together so definitely we went in the car and drive together
Until we reached the place and she asked to pay for something she ordered for me and by that exactly time I had zero penny in my possession so I promised her that I would come and pay later. After I just woke up. Can you translate what does this mean


Thank you very much. I am released by the interpretation you gave.

maria ana

in my dream was im crying calling my mother in law who passed away


In my dream my dead mother in law was asking me to give her two pairs of gold earrings

Clair Jones

I had dream about my mother in law who’s Deceased. In the dream she was asking my husband what toke him so long to come and get her. Her face looked nice and healthy. Not her usual look.


I dream again about my mom in law..this time she was wearing her church uniform. She was burying her husband. She was cool and collected as she was preparing the funeral. On the day she called me to assist her to put a white shawl on her shoulder. I did help her and she was happy. I asked if she viewed the husband body and she said yes as he was brought in the previous day. She holds my hand as walking together and she was very smiling throughout.
Please help translate thus dream


My mother in law died of heart attack after getting out of the washroom 2 years ago. Last night I dreamed about her dying in the washroom. And then I did no longer remember what happened after that. But I was still in that dream and I can see that the lights everywhere in the house were getting busted and I was so frightened in my dream. I wonder what these all mean. Thank you


I dream of my husband deacesed grand mother asking y we fighting she doesn’t like noise then my deceased mother in-law touched my stomach n said wen am I giving birth or I’m giving birth to a sweet sixteen n she wanted to Tek me to a prophet bt on d way she said I go bek home she will go alone n she was wearing ol red


My mother in law comes back to life just before we buried her


My ex mother-in-law recently died.Her son got a new wife since we were already separated for 7yrs. I dreamt that her son and i are going to get married (saw myself in a white gown w/o a veil).My ex mother-in-law came to our wedding who looked tired and was carrying 2 medium sized bags.she came from a far place & she looked exhausted. I asked her what would happen if her son and i were to be wed knowing that her son was already married. In my dream, i was worried, confused and a bit scared.


The other morning I had a dream about my ex-husband’s mother who has recently passed I have not seen or spoken to them in years but for some reason had a dream about her the other morning and in my dream it was me her and my ex husband in the dream and it looks like me and him was at the table eating and he was smiling and being happy and I was there also but then it seemed like my mother-in-law was sitting in a chair smiling at us and I didn’t understand why I had that dream


I saw my (my moms mother) grandmother, my grandmothers mother and my (myoms dad) grandfather’s mother there. They have l passed 5 years ago, 20 years ago and 18 years ago. I knew them all and was very very close to my grandmother, she raised me. I dream of her very often.

My sister will be renewing her wedding vows in my backyard in 2 weeks. In the dream they were all in attendance. I told them after the wedding we were all going for a walk to get exercises. They all seemed happy.

Karuna devi

Dreaming ofDeceased grandmother in law telling me iam going to die after a few days .


Keep dreaming of my dead husband and my dead mother in law but it always involves an argument with her


I dreamt of my mother in law preparing food in her kitchen and was saying she don’t like her eldest son in law so I send my wife to hear what she is saying and when I went into the kitchen I saw a cup of tea made o. the table I looked into the room and I saw my mother in law sleeping and snoring the. I told my wife to stay there I’m going to take me mother and granny home and then I will come back we can spend time and go home whatever time she wants we don’t need to worry about time.

Tina Long

Dreamt I was arguing with my deceased mother-in law.