Dream about a lion turning into a man

Dream about A Lion Turning Into A Man is a message for marriage, union, commitments and issues of the heart. You are looking for specific qualities as represented by a person. You want to add some spice to your life. Your dream is an omen for progress and your ability to navigate through life. You are letting petty and trivial matters upset you.

Lion in your dream is an evidence for tension or excitability. You need to incorporate certain qualities of the opposite gender. Perhaps, you are lacking attention from others and are feeling neglected. This dream refers to a desire to change your status or position in life. You have resolved your issues with commitment.

Turn dream is an evidence for your own childhood memories. You need to make more space for other things in your life. You need to express yourself more constructively. Your dream is your anxieties of life. You are afraid of losing something that means a lot to you.

Man in this dream stands for speed, agility and athleticism. You need to take things more slowly. You are just getting by. This dream signifies your desire to escape from your daily demands and problems. You may be holding back your feelings or are more cautious about expressing them.

Dreaming of Lion and Turn and Man

Lion and Turn is a sign for your need for more self discipline in your life. You are finally going after what you want in life. It is a new day and a new beginning. Your dream is a clue for the emotional baggage that you are holding onto and carrying around with you. You are exploring a new perspective in life.

Dream About Lion Man suggests joy, pleasure, togetherness and satisfaction with your life. You need a vacation and escape the stresses in your life. Something in your life maybe causing you to flashback to your experiences. Your dream is a premonition for industry and modernity. You are who you are.

Dream About Turning Into A Man is a metaphor for prestige, wealth and power. You are feeling disconnected with one of your parents. You have triumph over much adversity. The dream denotes your desire for love and affection. Perhaps an unresolved or unacknowledged part is fighting for its right to be heard.

Dream about A Lion Turning Into A Man stands for the archetypal dream helper who is offering you insight and advice. You may be questioning your job or your abilities. You need to incorporate, adapt and synthesis various aspects of yourself in order to achieve success and harmony in your life. This dream points to tranquility, spirituality, faith, peace, purity, joy and bliss. You are important.

Sometimes, dream about a lion turning into a man is about a problem that you are overlooking. There is an emotional void in your life. A current situation may be forcing you to confront issues of your past. Your dream is an admonition for self-doubt and fears of not achieving your goals. You feel overlooked and that your ideas are unimportant insignificant.

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In my Dream I saw a hand given and engagement ring to a Lion