Dream about a lost mother

Dream about A Lost Mother indicates expectations and a need for recognition and acknowledgement. You are in need of some support and advice. You are being entrusted with power and authority. The dream is a premonition for desires. You have an subconscious desire to pursue a relationship, but fear that it will jeopardize the friendship.

A Lost Mother is a metaphor for your successes and accomplishments. You need to learn to acknowledge the beauty within you. Something is about to come to an end and something new will begin. The dream is a signal for your stubbornness and unyielding personality. There is a message that you need to convey and get across to others.

Dreaming of Lost and Mother

Lost in your dream is a message for the emotional difficulties that you experience in life. You are being forced into submission or obedience. You need to prioritize and reorganize aspects of your life. This dream expresses disappointments that you are experiencing in your life. You are holding on to the past and need to learn to let go.

Lost in this dream is sometimes your level of power in some situation of your life. You need to address your feeling and problems before they do more harm in the long run. You are experiencing conflict with your spirituality. The dream is a premonition for compensation for your hard work. You are being swayed by some negative influences in your life.

Mother in dream is a premonition for behavioral urges. You need to find a safe way to express your feelings. You need to apply a lesson to a current issue, problem or relationship. This dream signifies your level of alertness. You need to be more spiritually disciplined.

Mother dream is an indication for agility, cunningness and speed. You need to literally clean up your act and get back on track. Things are looking up for you. Your dream points at something in your own inner nature that is pure, vulnerable, helpless and uncorrupted. You are trying to get that person to open up to you.

Dream about both “Lost” and “Mother” is a sign for lack, pessimism and your jaded prospects for the future. You may need to let down your defenses. Your mind is too cluttered. This dream is a warning for temporary trouble due to some misunderstanding of your action and conduct. You may be too self-reliant and that you can do it all.

Dream about a lost mother is a portent for your willingness to help others and lend a hand. You want to move forward at your own pace and by your own power. You need to reevaluate your character and work on the qualities and attributes that are most important to you. This dream refers to a sweetheart or some sweet love in your life. You are letting go of something that used to be important to you.

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