Dream about alligator eating my child

Dream about Alligator Eating My Child is a sign for female intuition. You are seeing similar aspects between a relationship and your current relationship. There is something that you need to curb in your life. The dream is a premonition for a goal that you are aiming for. A lot of pressure and stress is being put on you.

Alligator in your dream stands for how you have already incorporated certain aspects or qualities. You are warming up to a situation. You need to exercise some self-control. Your dream suggests mental agility. Perhaps you need to extend a helping hand to someone who is in need.

Eat dream is a signal for a developing relationship or situation. You may feel that you are being handicapped in pursuing your goals. You have found the truth to a situation or an answer to a problem. The dream is an indication for your supportive nature. You are confronting some uncomfortable emotions.

Child in this dream means grief and mourning. Perhaps you have recently stumbled upon some information that was not meant for your eyes. You are trying to cope with a mothering figure in your life. This dream hints repressed or negative feelings about yourself. You need to stay more grounded.

Dreaming of Alligator and Eat and Child

Dream About Alligator Eating You is a premonition for an end to a situation or relationship. You need to assert yourself and make your presence known. You hold the knowledge to make some important decision in your life. Your dream is a harbinger for your emotional and spiritual support. You may be going through a period of self-discovery.

Alligator and Child points to self-acceptance, as well as self-love. You are in a position of power. You need to strengthen your ties and relationships with others. This dream expresses freedom to express uninhibited feelings. How far you have come and what you have been through.

Dream About Eating A Child is a premonition for your desires to awaken your emotions. You are able to land on your feet and overcome difficulties with grace. You are being prevented to do something. Your dream is a harbinger for your view of the world and your future. You may be letting power get the best of you.

Dream about Alligator Eating My Child means your need for power and control. You are expressing some regret in your actions. You are experiencing an elevated sense of spirituality. Your dream stands for light heartedness, positive energy and joy. You need to be more compassionate and understanding in some situation or relationship.

Sometimes, dream about alligator eating my child is an indication for a lack of wisdom or confusion in some situation. Somebody may be keeping a short leash on you, where you are lacking the freedom to act independently. You are being very secretive and cautious about your business. Your dream is unfortunately an admonition for a loss of your independence. You lack initiative to take action in what you really want to do.

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I was getting some salad at this place as I was putting the salad on my plate I came across a baby alligator I put it on my plate but put it back,right after there was this big heavy gate-bars separating me and the Alligator and he tried to get me, but the bars was there and he bent the bars and couldn’t get me, so I seen my son,in dark deep water and I was looking at him in that water and he thought he could out run the gator and it ate him as I watched and screamed and screamed and woke up.