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Dream about aquarium broken

Dream about Aquarium Broken is a portent for wholeness, unity, healing, inner peace, spirituality and harmony. You are all wound up about something that is weighing in your mind. You need to heal some emotional wounds so that you can continue to grow as a person. This dream is a message for negative thoughts and ideas that you have internalized. You are feeling the influence of some authority figure.

Aquarium Broken is an indication for an emotional situation or personal relationship that you need to handle carefully. You are starting a new phase in your life. Some important fact or truth is being made aware to you through someone. Your dream is an omen for misfortune, loss of honor and respect and hostility amongst friends and loved ones. Perhaps you are questioning the person you are becoming.

Dreaming of Aquarium and Break

Aquarium in your dream is sometimes some anxiety or fear. You need to be more aware and acknowledge those feelings. Someone is looking over you. Your dream is a portent for your thirst for knowledge or information. Perhaps you have an immature attitude towards life.

Break in dream draws attention to your desires to be more connected with your ancestors and understanding of where you came from. You have complete control over your emotions. You are mentally bored or uninterested in something. This dream is a clue for the ending of one thing and the new beginning of another thing. You need to reevaluate your options.

Dream about both “Aquarium” and “Break” is a sign for disappointments, regrets, bitter changes and disruptions. You have been locking this issue in your subconscious, but it can no longer be ignored. You are putting too much emphasis on physical appearances over substance. Your dream signals feelings of being trapped and restricted. You need to accept the positives and leave all the negativity behind.

Dream about aquarium broken is a premonition for uncertainty about what is ahead. You are taking a step in the right direction. You are seeking self-improvement. This dream denotes a burst of self-confidence. You have found your direction in life and are ready to pursue your goals.

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