Dream about argument with girlfriend

Dream about Argument With Girlfriend is a hint for how you feel in your daily life. You have the knowledge and information to help others. You are undergoing an important transformation and deep spiritual development in your life. This dream indicates personal growth or a rise in your current status. It is time to move on.

Argument With Girlfriend is a portent for how your life is topped off with a bit of sweetness. You need to listen carefully. Your ambition and drive is getting in the way of your personal relationships. The dream is a metaphor for satisfaction in your professional and personal relationships. Your goals are in sight and you will soon be greatly rewarded.

Dreaming of Argument and Girlfriend

Argument in your dream is a metaphor for your acceptance or others, your interpersonal relationships and how you behave in your social life. Perhaps you are trying to get out of some responsibility. Sometimes you need to go off track and explore other possibilities. The dream is about your ability to yield in your decisions and your way of thinking. You are always on the lookout for anybody who is trying to out-maneuver, out-rank, or out-wit you.

Argument in this dream states your stress level or to your vulnerability. You are not obedient. Someone is spying on you. Your dream is a symbol for a choice that you need to make which may affect others. You are so overcome with fear and suspicion that you are not ready to take that major step in your life.

Girlfriend in dream is an indication for a feeling of being entangled or trapped in a sticky or clingy relationship. You need to push yourself to do better in all that you do. You overlook your own feelings in order to tend to the needs of others. Your dream is a sign for your sense of individuality and the desire to stand out in a crowd. You need to dig deeper and look for the hidden meaning of some situation or circumstance.

Girlfriend dream is a harbinger for your need to expand your thinking/knowledge and challenge yourself mentally. You need to clean up your self-image. You are looking for a stimulation of your senses. The dream indicates your hot and quick temper. You have let down your defenses and your guard.

Dream about both “Argument” and “Girlfriend” is unfortunately an alert for a disturbance in your psyche and well-being. You are not in control of your life. You may have difficulties in communicating your thoughts across and getting the right words out. The dream is sadly an alert for annoyances and complications in a situation where pleasure was expected. You have said too much and you need to keep your mouth shut.

Dream about argument with girlfriend is a clue for your ideal, hopes, potential and the youthful part of yourself. You need to learn to ask for help, in order to move up and advance in life. You can see right through somebody and their intentions. Your dream suggests the important role you play in the overall big picture. You feel others are walking all over you and taking advantage you.

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