Dream about baby alligator

Dream about Baby Alligator denotes your personal insecurities. Your inner creative energy has yet to blossom and grow into expression. You have set high goals for yourself. Your dream is a premonition for your children or siblings. You are involved in some insider information.

Baby Alligator is your creative mind. You are taking responsibility for what you do. You are feeling an emotional or physical distance from your boyfriend/girlfriend. The dream symbolises freedom of expression. You are recognizing your roots and where you came from.

Dreaming of Baby and Alligator

Baby in your dream is a metaphor for your search for knowledge and your hunger for ideas. Perhaps you need to do some soul searching. You are shutting someone or something out of your life. This dream is an indication for the degradation of a situation or circumstance. You are going through a transitional phase.

Baby in this dream expresses your personal hang-ups. You are getting mixed-up about something. You are dealing with ideas and habits that need to be brought back into control. This dream draws attention to a project or relationship that you are afraid of falling into. You are going through a period of depression.

Alligator in dream is a portent for your identity or someone else’s identity. You are comparing yourself to someone else. You are looking for order. This dream symbolises self-acceptance or your quick wit. A situation in your current life may be reminding you of your relationship with your ex.

Alligator dream is an evidence for weakness, degradation, filth and general negativity. You need to be mindful of other’s feelings. You are repressing what you really desire most. The dream is sometimes your need for security. You are in danger of being seduced by some uncontrollable force.

Dream about both “Baby” and “Alligator” is an indication for rejected or unwanted aspects of yourself. Your voice is not being heard. You are trying to repel some destructive forces or rid yourself of harmful behaviors. Your dream stands for a lack of control in your life. You will never lack the necessities of life.

Dream about baby alligator is patience, perseverance, determination, tenacity, courage and success. Whatever you are feeling is still very fresh or raw. Perhaps there is something that you are refusing to see and acknowledge. Your dream points at an aspect of your own personality. It is time to get on the right path.

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