Dream about baby boy pregnant

Dream about Baby Boy Pregnant is about high hopes. You are being deceptive about some matter. You are disconnected from others. Your dream represents negative thoughts and ideas that you have internalized. If you visualize success, then you will achieve success.

Baby in your dream is a message for your flirty tendencies. You may be expressing doubt in some new endeavor, relationship or situation. You are experiencing upward mobility or progressing toward your goals. The dream expresses lucidity and your need to think more clearly about a situation. You need to rid yourself of past emotions and habit.

Boy dream is a premonition for health concerns and anxieties about your well-being. Your reputation is being called into question. You are hiding an aspect of yourself. This dream indicates a projection of your own feelings onto someone else. You are on shaky ground.

Pregnant in this dream is a premonition for your anxiety over money matters and financial security. Perhaps you need to take a break or perhaps you need to break off some relationship. You need to pick up a new hobby to be happier. Your dream is a message for your contentment with what you already have and where you are in life. You are questioning someone’s loyalty or the idea of unconditional love.

Dreaming of Baby and Boy and Pregnant

Dream About Baby Boy denotes your desires for the ideal woman. You are undergoing a rebirth an a transformation. You have accomplished what you have been subconsciously seeking. The dream is a symbol for the name or initial of a person. Something drastic needs to happen in order for you to react or respond.

Dream About Baby Pregnant is a harbinger for your success and your rise to distinction. You are feeling closed off. You are under tremendous stress. This dream is an omen for duality, limits, boundaries and rules. Perhaps you are taking a nonchalant attitude to circumstances that need serious consideration.

Dream About A Boy When Pregnant is a clue for your generosity and openness. You are living in your own fantasy world. You are offending others. This dream suggests severed relationships. You are on the right path toward personal development or spiritual enlightenment.

Dream about Baby Boy Pregnant signifies a transitional period in your life. You make the best out of every situation. You need to take a chance on a relationship and make that that emotional plunge. The dream is an omen for self-renewal and self-cleansing. You are in a festive and upbeat mood.

Sometimes, dream about baby boy pregnant is a symbol for destruction and frustrations in your life. Someone is not who you thought they were. You may be expressing a desire to regress back into infantile dependence and escape from your daily responsibilities/problems. Your dream points at your desires to turn back time and redo certain things over again. Perhaps you feel you have failed yourself or others.

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