Dream about bad lightning

Dream about Bad Lightning refers to a spiritual force in your life. A decision has been made and you will work hard to accomplish it. You are feeling threatened or overlooked. Your dream is the obstacles that you are facing in your life. You are giving into some temptation.

Bad Lightning is a harbinger for a form of self-punishment that you may be subconsciously imposing on yourself. You are in full pursuit of your goals. You need to confront the past in order to move forward. The dream is a symbol for your own self-discovery, transition and transformation into a new stage of life. There are two components in your life that you need to bring together and unify as a whole.

Dreaming of Bad and Lightning

Bad in your dream is a message for your need to control others and show them who is in charge. You need to look at a situation from a rational perspective. You are putting in more than you are getting back. Your dream is a portent for mental and intellectual expansion. You are going through a transitional phase and journeying into the unknown.

Bad in this dream means your inescapable responsibilities. You need to be more carefree and spontaneous. Your progress will be slow but steady. Your dream is a message for your emotions and cold or bitter feelings. You don’t want to be tied down.

Lightning in dream suggests your feelings of frustrations. Love and wealth will quickly vanish if you are not cautious and continue to carry on your careless way. Perhaps you are dwelling too much on the past. This dream is sometimes the state of your emotions and feelings. You are going through an obstacle course.

Lightning dream is a symbol for relationships and how the masculine aspects are in opposition to the feminine aspects. You feel that the good times are over and nothing of value is left in your life. You need to be more self-reliant. The dream points to difficulties and errors in your judgment. Perhaps, you feel that others have been leeching off of you.

Dream about both “Bad” and “Lightning” is unfortunately a warning signal for cleaning from your troubles and problems. You are being recognized for your abilities and talents. A relationship is worn out and near its ending point. The dream sadly draws attention to a business partnership, marital partnership or just plain teamwork. You are wasting time on worthless or fruitless pursuits.

Dream about bad lightning is a portent for your high and upbeat energy level. With time and patience, you will make steady progress. You need to take care and look after your health. This dream is longevity and good health. You need to pay attention to those around you.

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