Dream about basil leaves

Dream about Basil Leaves is a message for concerns with your body and appearance. You need to confront the past in order to move forward. Somebody pushes you ahead and motivates you to continue on toward your goals. This dream points to devotion, faith and spiritual enlightenment. You are feeling light-headed.

Basil Leaves means a long lasting relationship. You need to take a leadership role and show that you are in control of the situation. You are well-read and knowledgeable. The dream is a harbinger for your need for energy. You are feeling emotionally charged.

Dreaming of Basil and Leave

Basil in your dream states permanence and unchanging attitudes. You are no longer able to express yourself in the same way as you did in the past. You tend to just go with the flow. The dream draws attention to your need for a quick fix or an escape from reality. You need focus.

Basil in this dream is an indication for death, darkness and the subconscious. You to need make some major reevaluations of your goals and life path. Perhaps there is an article of clothing that you are trying to fit into. Your dream is an evidence for a new idea or some newly developed situation. You need to get more acquainted with some aspect of yourself.

Leave in dream is a hint for either access or restriction. You have been mislead. You may be feeling isolated or emotionally restrained. Your dream is a harbinger for your desire to be married or to have a child. You need to relax and let loose sometimes.

Leave dream is a clue for your protectiveness and defensive persona. You are in control of your emotions and are confronting any feelings and inhibitions you have been repressing. You need to be more selfless and reach out to others in their time of need. This dream is an omen for your retreat from reality. You are trying to merge various aspects of your character and personality.

Dream about both “Basil” and “Leave” points to some old habit, condition, or situation. You drive yourself crazy comparing yourself to others and as a result, you suffer from low self-esteem. You are feeling confined and suffocated. Your dream is a symbol for rejected aspect of yourself that is unclean or unaccepted by society. You are trying to understand your Self and find out who you are.

Dream about basil leaves is a clue for your need for a vacation. You are seeking advice. You need to draw on your own inner strength and willpower in order to overcome adversity. The dream is a portent for the heroic male figure in your life. Perhaps you are having to deal with some feelings in some situation.

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