Dream about being attacked by big cats

Dream about Being Attacked By Big Cats is a hint for your tendency to keep and hold on to everything. You are feeling the weight of other’s burdens. You are unwilling to forgive yourself. The dream symbolises nobility, pride, fierceness, freedom, superiority, courage and powerful intellectual ability. You need to establish a new self-image.

Dream about Being Attacked By Big Cats suggests your ability to maintain a balance in your life. It is your way of obtaining moments of lightheartedness and fun. You are ready to reveal your true self. This dream is a portent for a dominant male figure in your life. You have a fresh new outlook on life.

Dreaming of Be & Attack & Big & Cat

Be in your dream expresses your actual stress or concerns about the activity or event in real life. You have set your sight on a goal or path and are taking a firm stance on your beliefs. You need to learn to let go and let fate take its course. The dream is a message for a fear of deprivation. Things will work out in the long run.

Attack dream is a symbol for a loss of freedom. Perhaps someone or some situation calls for your help. You are being faced with an issue that is not so clear cut. Your dream is a clue for someone who escapes responsibility or culpability. You are ready to face your problems head on.

Big dream is a metaphor for masculine or animalistic aggression. You need to focus on what somebody trying to tell you. You need to show more of your creativity in your life. The dream is a harbinger for your need to be more cautious before proceeding on to new situations or adventures. You are afraid of letting the past go.

Cat in dream states a father figure or authoritative person. Your goals are within grasp. You need to pay attention to the actions and behavior of your friend or co-worker. This dream suggests a regression to an earlier state. You need to incorporate or acknowledge certain feminine aspects into your own self.

Dream About Been Attacked is sometimes an imbalance. You have a lot of love to offer. You are disconnected from others. The dream denotes something that can easily escape your grasp. You are chasing and seeking fame.

Dream About Big Cat symbolises resurrection. You are ready to reveal something hidden about yourself. You are feeling overwhelmed by emotions. Your dream points at your strong emotional ties or involvement to some activity/interest/hobby. There is a force that is drawing you toward a certain direction, thinking or habit.

Sometimes, dream about being attacked by big cats is unfortunately a warning for difficulties in getting your point across and communicating your ideas. You are experiencing some sort of guilt. You or someone is meddling in a situation you or they have no business in. Your dream is a warning alert for low self esteem and a poor self-image. Someone is trying to take credit for your hard work.

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