Dream about being bitten by someone

Dream about Being Bitten By Someone is a symbol for the feminine mystique, seduction, lust and allure. You feel alone and that no one understands you. You have something that you want to say. Your dream is a positive outcome. You have power and control over the path or destinations of others.

Be in your dream points to feelings that have been downplayed and overlooked. You tend to lose track of time. You are not using your time productively. All your conflicts have dissipated. The dream draws attention to your protective barrier. You need to have a better or broader outlook on life.

Bite dream denotes your attitude or the various roles and responsibilities you have in your life. You are being mislead into thinking that everything is okay when it is not. You need to conceal your thoughts and be more discrete about some situation. The dream is about your quest to get ahead in life. You want to be perceived in a different way.

Someone in this dream is an evidence for your difficulty in communicating with a person. You are putting up a front and trying to deceive others. Your emotions are deeply seated and may be harder to confront. The dream suggests you to not take your personal liberties and independence for granted. You may be forced to confront issues which you have been avoiding.

Dreaming of Be and Bite and Someone

Dream About Being Bit points to a celebration of life. You need to clear your thoughts and get a fresh perspective on things. You need to keep your mouth shut about something. This dream refers to balance and harmony. You need to address some hurting feelings in order to properly heal.

Dream About Being Someone is a metaphor for your ability to mesh various aspects of your life together. You are able to cope with life’s changes with grace and understanding. You need to be more confident in your abilities and proud of your achievements. This dream is a harbinger for your magnetic personality and how you are able to draw things to you. You have expended all your energy and emotions on others.

Dream About Biting Someone is a portent for your attitude and level of consciousness about a particular situation. You are seeking guidance and help in some area of your life. You need to stand tall and be proud. This dream indicates the part of yourself that is always in control. You are you ready to confront some issues in your subconscious.

Dream about Being Bitten By Someone points at rigidity and an unyielding personality. That you are experiencing twice as much vitality, strength and energy. You are learning from past experiences. Your dream represents paradise and leisure. You are important.

Sometimes, dream about being bitten by someone is unfortunately a warning signal for your pent up frustrations and anger. Somebody may be trying to motivate you along. You know no limit. This dream is sadly an alert for a prickly situation where you are unable to detach yourself from. You are unsure of where you stand emotionally in some relationship.

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