Dream about being chased by a white wolf

Dream about Being Chased By A White Wolf denotes your family ties and home life. You are taking their friendships for granted. You or something is moving in a loop. Your dream is royalty and your social status in life. You are rebelling against society or the government.

Dream about Being Chased By A White Wolf is a message for your fears of losing something that is important to you. Life is passing you by if you do not jump in and participate in it. You are versatile and are well-rounded. The dream signals life, ideas and creativity. You are able to carry yourself from one situation to another with confidence.

Dreaming of Be & Chase & White & Wolf

Be in your dream is an omen for your dependence on others. You need to learn to be more free and open. You may be starving for love. The dream is a clue for regret of what you have done in your life. You need to consider and confront material from your subconscious.

Chase dream stands for your askew perspective or view. You are being let down or being undermined. Perhaps you are interfering into situations and things that are none of your business. The dream states your maternal instinct and your desire to provide for and support your dependents. You may be feeling desperate.

White in this dream signifies your concerns about how others perceive you. You do not let people in your life easily. You have a don’t care attitude about things. Your dream is an omen for your authoritarian attitude. Others may perceive you as fragile or vulnerable.

Wolf in dream signals some communication issue that you are experiencing. You tend to put the needs of others ahead of your own. There is a situation where you need to take quick and decisive action. The dream is a message for healing or the need to be healed. There is something in your life that you are not seeing clearly.

Dream About Been Chased indicates working together toward a common goal. You have overcome the negativity in your life. You need to hone your sense of power and use that power to your advantage. This dream signals your attitude and the restrictions that you or others impose onto you. You still have a lot to learn in life.

Dream About White Wolf is an indication for the brain and issues of power and prowess. You are rebelling against society or the government. You are unleashing your potential. Your dream hints some extraordinary problem or issue that you are trying to deal with in your life. You want to add some spice to your life.

Sometimes, dream about being chased by a white wolf is about your frigid and cold emotions. Your suppressed anger is on the verge of exploding. You are letting your potential go to waste. The dream refers to turmoil and trouble in your life. Your opinions and ideas are not appreciated.

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Hello, I saw a lot of snow in my dream two nights ago. I tried to get out of the house, but I couldn’t open the door. My front door was completely covered with snow. I called my husband on the phone for help. My phone was not working due to the bad weather. I panicked and went out to the window. It was very dark when I got out. I started walking on the road. Meanwhile, I noticed something was walking towards me across the street. I was scared and turned around, I heard a howl behind me. I saw in my dream that I was being chased by a white wolf. It was a very large white wolf with long feathers. It kept chasing me from place to place all night. I remember walking into a stranger’s house to get rid of the wolf. There were two small children in the house. I took the kids with me and hide in one of the back rooms. I heard the voice of the wolf from inside the room. Then I opened the window of the room and threw something on the wolf. I started throwing out whatever I got. When I did that, the wolf started running away from me. When I woke up I was out of breath. It was a terrible nightmare.