Dream about being covered in leeches

Dream about Being Covered In Leeches is a harbinger for domestic bliss. You see a bright future ahead. You are moving on to something new and grand. The dream is an evidence for your accommodating nature. You are in for a new experience.

Be in your dream symbolises issues you have with getting old. You are trying to make something known. You are not confronting or recognizing your feelings. Your dream points at your unyielding attitude. You are going around in circles and headed nowhere.

Cover dream is sometimes a desire to fit in or be like someone else. Perhaps you have been neglecting a relationship. You need to be more willing to experience new things. This dream denotes some aspects of your subconscious must be confronted. It is time to celebrate the positive qualities of someone who is no longer in your life.

Leech in this dream points at feelings of fear and insecurity over a situation. Perhaps you are feeling trapped by some relationship. You need to exercise some self-control. This dream signifies concerns about your weight and your image. You are ready to face your problems head on.

Dreaming of Be and Cover and Leech

Be and Cover symbolises your true character. There is something that you are trying to keep hidden. You need to take more of a leadership role. Your dream is a message for the various stages in your life. You need to be more daring and try something new and different.

Be and Leech is a signal for a time where you feel vulnerable and helpless. You may be pushing people away. New ideas will be realized. This dream suggests your connection to your roots and to humanity. You feel that you are living in a male-dominated world.

Cover and Leech is a signal for your connection with your Self and with nature. A recent turn of events will soon change your way of life. You need to be more direct and honest with your feelings. Your dream is your actions in your life. You will eventually overcome your current obstacles to achieve your goals.

Dream about Being Covered In Leeches points to respect and familial solidarity. You are feeling tremendous mental strain and are trying to reach out for help. You are feeling under-appreciated. The dream points to some domestic issue. Things are going very well for you in your life.

Sometimes, dream about being covered in leeches hints your lacking sense of belonging. You keep putting some bad feelings aside which may become a bigger problem at the end. You are trying to fool yourself or someone into believing something that you know is not true. The dream is unfortunately a warning signal for abundance, plentitude, fertility and prosperity. You need to do your research and do not rush into making choices.

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