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Dream about being drug tested

Dream about Being Drug Tested is a premonition for knowledge, identity, or whatever qualities you hold precious in your life. You need time to decompress and to restore your faith. Your abilities and talents are going unnoticed. The dream is sometimes your vengeful or devious thoughts. You need to come to terms with the changes in your life.

Be in your dream is a portent for your social circle and support group. You are having a problem accepting an aspect of your own character. You need to express and acknowledge your masculine side if you are female or your feminine side if you are male. The dream draws attention to issues about your self-esteem and self-image. You need to look toward the future instead of reliving the past.

Drug dream means hopelessness, grief, self-pity and unforgiveness. You are looking for some sort of security and stability. You are not afraid to let others know that you are in charge. The dream hints some confusion in your thought process. You are reverting back to your old habits and ways.

Test in this dream is a hint for self doubt. You are feeling drained. You feel that the good times are over and nothing of value is left in your life. The dream is a signal for covert sensuality, simplicity and adaptability. You may be feeling overextended.

Dreaming of Be and Drug and Test

Dream About Being Drugged points to changes and transformation. You feel a disconnect with your own father or mother. You are short-changing yourself of your accomplishments. This dream is a symbol for a message from your subconscious that you need to be more cautious. You are going with the flow of things.

Dream About Being Tested is a hint for a spiritual journey. There is something you thought you have left in the past that is still haunting you. You need to express more of your creative side. Your dream is a message for personal gains and self gratification. You are overwhelmed with pressure.

Dream About Drug Test is a metaphor for a creative and knowledgeable mind. Your ideas and goals will soon be realized. You will experience much success as a result of your dedication. The dream indicates your ability to clarify a situation and shed some perspective on an issue. You need to rethink your actions and how your behavior may be affecting those around you.

Dream about Being Drug Tested is an omen for the spreading of kindness and affection. Something is still keeping you two in each other’s lives. You have a strong social support system. Your dream is a metaphor for a particular period in your life and what you were feeling then. You are going in to many direction.

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