Dream about being in a lighthouse

Dream about Being In A Lighthouse means the end of some cycle or behavior. You are attempting to protect yourself from your emotions and actions. You need help in some situation or matter. Your dream is about clarity and truth. You need to draw on your own inner strength and willpower in order to overcome adversity.

Being In A Lighthouse is a hint for envy. You need a clear direction and focused goal. You are just going with the flow. Your dream suggests new attitudes and a new persona. You are seeking attention.

Dreaming of Be and Lighthouse

Be in your dream means chaos in your life. Perhaps you feel that an important aspect of yourself is missing. You are sacrificing your own happiness to please someone else. Your dream is a message for arrogance and an inflated opinion of yourself. You need to stop what you are doing and rethink about the situation before moving forward.

Be in this dream is a premonition for someone who is being an badd. You need to be more careful and methodical in your endeavors. You are headed nowhere. This dream is an evidence for your attitudes with death and your sense of mortality. You are doing things by rote.

Lighthouse in dream stands for the way you handle things. You need to be self-sufficient and stand on your own two feet. You are getting to your subconscious level. The dream is an indication for aspects of yourself that you are rejecting. You are afraid of feeling unneeded or abandoned.

Lighthouse dream refers to deception and temptation. Perhaps you have lost the autonomy to move forward toward your goals. Deep down inside, you know that a person is bad for you, yet you are still drawn to her or him. This dream is an indication for your tendency to go with the crowd. You need to be supportive to those around you.

Dream about both “Be” and “Lighthouse” is a hint for an attempt to change your old ways and habits. You are washing away the difficult times. You lack initiative to take action in what you really want to do. The dream points to your refusal to change. Your thinking and beliefs are outdated.

Dream about being in a lighthouse is a hint for emotional curiosity and your need for some sensual stimulation. You need to be more spiritual. You need to keep your mouth zipped. The dream denotes victory. Your ambition will take you far in life.

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