Dream about being in a rocket

Dream about Being In A Rocket points at a great struggle between you and your opponents. You are testing the limits or boundaries. You are stressed and overwhelmed. This dream is a portent for your subconscious desires. You may be unwilling to confront your shadow self.

Being In A Rocket means a final end to some situation or relationship. You are afraid to see your true Self and to be who you are. After much patience and hard work, you will succeed in your professional and personal life. This dream signals the fruition of some idea. You are moving toward greater enlightenment/spirituality.

Dreaming of Be and Rocket

Be in your dream is an omen for a person or may even be a pun on something that is seedy. You are trying to take advantage of a situation or of someone. Perhaps you need to live for the moment and not dwell in the past. This dream represents how you are rejecting aspects of your feminine/emotional side. Maybe you need to incorporate certain qualities into your life.

Be in this dream draws attention to communication with someone or with your conscious mind. Something or someone is draining your emotionally. You need to learn to find balance between your reasonable, rational side and your emotional, instinctual nature. The dream suggests an urgent message that needs to be delivered. You are trying to escape from the stresses in your daily life.

Rocket in dream points to your need to be cleansed, either physically or emotionally. You are looking out for your own self and your own needs. You have a large ego or think overly highly of yourself. This dream hints you will need to get your hands dirty in some situation. After being alone for awhile, you are looking for a relationship.

Rocket dream is a signal for your own views of marriage. You are putting power in someone else’s hands and allowing them to make choices and decide for you. You feel everyone is looking over your shoulder or up in your business. Your dream hints your nurturing abilities. You are finally getting rid of and discarding unneeded exterior pretenses.

Dream about both “Be” and “Rocket” is unfortunately a warning alert for your negative attitude about someone. You are not getting the full information about an issue. All your hard work is paying off. The dream is a signal for a lack of individuality and lack of emotions and feelings. There is a situation that you are trying to avoid.

Dream about being in a rocket is a harbinger for the spreading of kindness and affection. Perhaps you feel that a higher power is always looking over you and judging your actions. You hold the key to unlocking your inner feelings and emotions. The dream expresses the uninhibited and animalistic aspect of your personality. You are feeling important and needed.

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