Dream about being kicked in stomach

Dream about Being Kicked In Stomach stands for boundary between your conscious and subconscious. You want more control and power over your own life and where it is headed. You are in need of some peace and quiet. Your dream points at your potential. You may be questioning what you really want to do with your life.

Be in your dream is an indication for support and warmth or the lack of commitment. You may be over-thinking a problem. You need to be more independent and resourceful instead of relying on others. This dream points to hostility, aggression, or sneakiness. You may be feeling undervalued or under appreciated.

Kick dream points at being too buttoned up or refrained. You are trying to recapture your innocence in some way. You are ignoring an issue or refusing to see the big picture. This dream indicates manipulation. A new project or relationship is taking off.

Stomach in this dream is a symbol for a need to reassure yourself or to offer reassurance to someone. You are about to make a mistake in some decision. You are feeling neglected and insignificant. Your dream hints your actual concerns about a relationship or your desires to have children. You are trying to figure out if the guy/girl you are interested in is suitable for you or not.

Dreaming of Be and Kick and Stomach

Dream About Being Kicked is a signal for your confidence in your pursuits and where you are headed in life. You feel you are alone in the world. You want to make somebody feel important. This dream signifies a rich, prosperous and abundant life. Something is finally getting through to you.

Be and Stomach is a hint for higher knowledge. You are experiencing some conflict in your life. Perhaps you are feeling out of touch with those around you. Your dream is a harbinger for your lofty goals. You are in touch with a higher plane and an elevated sense of spirituality.

Kick and Stomach indicates a small piece of valuable information that you had overlooked or did not know about. You are taking a passive role in your life. You are mourning. The dream is an evidence for love, security, wisdom and protection. You are putting the goals of others ahead of your own.

Dream about Being Kicked In Stomach hints your current relationship views or status. You will find success through hard work and diligence. The opportunities for advancement are opened to you, but you need to take the next step. Your dream points at your carelessness concerning your health. You are feeling calm, soothed and relaxed.

Sometimes, dream about being kicked in stomach is a portent for your need to clear out your thoughts and get rid of old ways. You feel that you may not be measuring up to the expectation of others. Whatever you are doing or telling someone has no significant effect on him/her. The dream unfortunately draws attention to intense feelings of anger and rage. You have lost your frame of reference in a relationship or situation.

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Wanjiru Kamatu

I had a dream about two days ago that someone was after me and I fell down and the person started stepping on my stomach


I had a dream the other day and a lot happened, it was rather messy and hard to piece together. However, one part I vividly remember is lying on the floor and a girl violently kicking my stomach in. I remember it was very brutal and I though that she was killing all my organs. I woke up with a small stomach ache after and it has lingered all day. Any thoughts?