Dream about being knocked

Dream about Being Knocked is a metaphor for a spiritual message. You feel that the livelihood of the relationship depends on you. Something is eating away at your subconscious. The dream is a hint for a message from your subconscious or your higher self. You need to be more confident in your abilities and proud of your achievements.

Being Knocked is a message for your expanded awareness and a deep-level personality development. You need to enjoy life and learn from the little obstacles that it has to offer. Perhaps there is something that you need to keep safe. Your dream is a premonition for disloyalty in some area of your life. You are above the situation at hand.

Dreaming of Be and Knock

Be in your dream is a premonition for your need for cleansing or healing. You need to act quickly if you want to get ahead. You are experiencing an obstacle toward your career goal or in your relationship. This dream points at an obsession, an addiction, a codependent or abusive relationship or something that is beyond your control. The presence of someone that you loved is with your spiritually, even though he/she may not be with you physically.

Be in this dream is an omen for a highly stressful time in your life. Your inhibitions are hindering your creativity. Perhaps you are doing something that is out of character. Your dream is a metaphor for your raging emotions which have been held back and repressed for a long time. You need to rid yourself of the burdens that you have been carrying.

Knock in dream states unfriendly companions. You are being too petty over minor issues. You are being close-minded. This dream is an evidence for wounded emotions or feelings that you may have suppressed. You are trying to control or manipulate an object.

Knock dream indicates feelings of anger or pent up emotions. You need to be more forgiving in some situation. Your tenacity and perseverance will pay off in the end. Your dream indicates your inability to look beyond the past. You have the ability to see the light even in your darkest hours.

Dream about both “Be” and “Knock” is a sign for a personal or work-related problem. You need to proceed with caution in some endeavor. You are avoiding the situation, instead of confronting them. Your dream is a warning for the role that you are playing in your real life, whether it be the role of a parent, sibling, co-worker, etc. You are being a log or lazy.

Dream about being knocked denotes growth, knowledge, high productivity, tolerance and maturity. There is something emerging from your subconscious. Perhaps you are questioning your future. Your dream states the small accomplishments you make along the way toward a bigger goal. You are creating your own opportunities.

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