Dream about being nervous

Dream about Being Nervous hints something that you do not want to do. It is time to reinvent yourself and get a fresh outlook in life. It is time to move on and look toward the future. The dream expresses memories from childhood. Your high ambitions will only be achieved through a great expenditure of energy.

Being Nervous suggests warmth, love, security and protection. You need to be nurtured and to feel special. You are harvesting some creative energy. This dream states misfortune, loss of honor and respect and hostility amongst friends and loved ones. Your ability and knowledge is being called into question.

Dreaming of Be and Nervous

Be in your dream is a portent for feelings of rejection or of not being able to keep up. You need to slow down or run the risk of being burnt out. You need to be more careful and methodical in your endeavors. Your dream is a harbinger for your passivity in a situation. You need to reevaluate your decisions and goals.

Be in this dream is an indication for your fear of betrayal and your untrusting nature. You feel being taken advantage of. Something in your life is out of your control. Your dream is a clue for hostility, aggression, or sneakiness. Through deeper understanding of yourself, you find commonality and shared experiences with others.

Nervous in dream signals past experiences and feelings that you associate with that particular aroma. You feel that you are being put to the test as to whether you are prepared or ready for these changes. You need to face up to your responsibilities and acknowledge the mistakes you have made. The dream refers to a situation in your life which may be larger than you can handle. You are being manipulated by your circumstances or by someone.

Nervous dream is a harbinger for something that is no longer obtainable or within reach. You have a handle over the problems in your life. Perhaps you are taking certain things for granted or are overlooking something or someone. Your dream hints issues related to the past. You are overextending yourself or overstepping your boundaries.

Dream about both “Be” and “Nervous” is a symbol for some uncertainty or lack of commitment. You have lost your power or direction in life. Something is not what it seems to be. The dream points at feelings of inadequacy, uncertainty and a lack of self-esteem. You are experiencing a lack of autonomy and independence.

Dream about being nervous is a hint for satisfaction with how your life is going. You are getting in touch with your intuitive side. You may be embracing something that you may not be familiar with. This dream is a signal for your subconscious desires. You are easily influenced and can be persuaded into doing something you do not necessarily want to do.

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