Dream about being pulled by invisible force

Dream about Being Pulled By Invisible Force is a portent for some extraordinary problem or issue that you are trying to deal with in your life. You feel restricted and restrained from being able to express yourself. You feel that you are being bullied or dominated by some powerful source. The dream is an omen for an aspect of your own heritage. You are headed on the right track in your dark times.

Dream about Being Pulled By Invisible Force is a portent for a patriarchy. You have successfully escaped or gotten out from a burdening situation or relationship. You are always willing to help others. This dream is a signal for a new or recent relationship. You will overcome any obstacles with relative ease.

Dreaming of Be & Pull & Invisible & Force

Be in your dream is an omen for your desire to get away from certain restrictions or rules. You need to be careful with your conduct. You need to adjust your attitude. Your dream is a portent for a rebellious attitude. You are ignoring an issue or refusing to see the big picture.

Pull dream draws attention to a hidden threat. You need to incorporate various aspects of your life. You don’t need to be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Your dream expresses secrets that you may have kept from others or aspects of yourself that you have kept hidden and shielded away. You need to take time for some self introspection.

Invisible in this dream suggests your distorted view and skewed outlook on life. You need to look beyond the surface and the obvious. Perhaps you are preoccupied with the weather and hope that it doesn’t ruin your plans. The dream is a harbinger for your discreteness. You are moving too fast.

Force in dream is a symbol for your need to repeat yourself in order to be heard and for others to believe you. You may be feeling undervalued or stifled in some area of your life. You are in trouble or in a sticky situation. Your dream means feelings of insecurity and vulnerability. You are harboring feelings of guilt toward a relationship.

Dream About Being Pulled stands for your current surroundings and hold similar meaning as a house. You are speechless over some news. You will bounce back from anything that may be said about you. The dream states anxiety about your emotional prowess. Your life is blowing in a new direction.

Dream About Invisible Force refers to satisfaction and contentment in your life. You have compassion for others. You are refusing to face your fears. The dream symbolises your desire to be closer to nature. You need to be more open and expressive with your personality.

Sometimes, dream about being pulled by invisible force refers to lost opportunities, past relationships or forgotten aspects of yourself. You are feeling emotionally unsatisfied. One of your close friend is ready to be open and direct about his/her feelings or thoughts. This dream is unfortunately a warning for some disagreement that is not being properly addressed or resolved. You have a tendency to force your opinions on others.

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First I felt a hand palm my head an then I’m laying on my side on the couch an something grabbed my body like tried to pull me but I wouldn’t move I screamed the blood of Jesus an started sing the blood of Jesus then I woke up breathing hard


I was doing something around my house and when I went into my bedroom to get laundry or something I don’t really remember. But it was dark and I Felt something cover my eyes or grab my head and it started pulling my body towards my closet. I became paralyzed until I woke myself up screaming.

Em Mar

I recently stopped talking to an ex who i genuinely believe is supposed to come back at one point or another before he left id have dreams of him telling me he was leaving n blocking me leaving me w no connection. i freaked i felt every single emotion i was so afraid n shattered and then outta no where i was pulled away from my room n my bed and i could see myself from behind reaching for the phone. im so confused but it felt so real i woke up crying.


I was stood in a small room with my mum, my youngest child and my sister in law. I passed my child to my mum, two heavy tennis ball shapes appear in the pockets of my cardigan and then I was suddenly ‘yanked’ and dragged through the air backwards. I was a good 3 ft in the air being dragged. The room was suddenly really long and then I was ‘plonked’ on the floor feeling frightened and crying. I then woke up. Petrified.

Twine Namara Victor

I dreamt an invisible force dragging me into space over the roof when no one could help me out; not even my own people around me. I woke up terrified


I had a dream that I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth then I felt a presence so I turn to look. After turning with toothbrush in my mouth something touched both sides of my cheeks and I started to be pulled up that Top of my head touched ceiling. I remember feeling scared and trying to scream and fight back put couldn’t move or let my scream come out. After that I woke up.


Thank you for your reply!


I am a very conscious lucid dreamer. I always had this invisible pulling force dragging me into a space portal. Never consciously being able to go through because of the unknown. One night I actually managed to make it through the portal. On the other side I was floating in space. My dream was clearer than the newest O-LED TV. Even clearer then how I can see in my waking life. I felt a sense of peace and as I floated I came to this giant being. We couldnt talk and we just stared at eachother.


I had this dream multiple times..
Its as if a force has pulled me in th air and i am floating unable to resist or move my body…trying to speak but can’t…it seems very scary as if i m living the dream and can feel my body restless …and suddenly it ends and i wake up..its the same everytime
I always get scared due to this..


This dream is hard to explain and a bit confusing. I was having a good dream then suddenly a negative feeling hit. I couldn’t see anything bad but I felt a presence of something and I could feel it pulling me into it, as if it was trying to crawl into my soul. During this, all I could do was shake trying to pull away from it. Then I woke up, I’ve felt this feeling in another dream before and it kinda freaks me out.


An invisible being was carrying me and I felt fear


I dreamt that I was in bed and something pulled me out. When I was out of bed, it tried to pin me to the wall but I was able to reach my door and escape. Then I woke up but had the same dream two other times throughout that night.


I was at my workplace, doing my work with peace. All over sudden, a strong force started pulling me away to the air. I could feel the presence something very strong but I could not tell what it was. I was terrified and started calling on Jesus. I said, Jesus forgive me my sins several times as I was lifted to the air. I was then put back to the ground and in this part I could literally feel my body getting to bed…as though I had not been there. There were unfamiliar people in my workplace


I woke up in my dream being lifted from underneath. Seing a black figure standing in one of the doorways but as I focused on the figure I thought it my my friend we both gasped in fear as I made it to the ceiling then I was lowered back into bed. When I woke up I am confused more so than fearful. Having thoughts about it replaying it multiple times. I heard a voice say my name and then another say it’s not working.


I had a dream I was in a public bathroom by myself. All of a sudden the stall next to me flushed on its own. I ran out of my stall in fear, when I got to the next room a invisible forced begin to pull me back, the stronger it pulled the harder I fought. I tried to scream for help but could only say “ joe your world is abt to change” over and over again until I was pulled to the ceiling and then I woke up. My name is not joe, it’s an ex name.


In the dream I began to float, at first it was a charming state of zero gravity. Unfortunately, after a brief period I started floating higher without control, just rising in the air with gradually increasing speed, I couldn’t really make noise and the landscapes just got smaller and smaller. Eventually I reached a space travel speed, after leaving the atmosphere I just floated into darkness watching the earth disappear until I was alone in the abysmal plane.


I always dream that some power is trying to pull me up in the air, and I am not scared but annoyed that why I am being disturbed in sleep as I hardly fall asleep. It’s a very strong magnetic pull. And my eyes and mouth are open, I can see myself doing stuff in the same room I slept and always that power pulls me back to my body. I always chant “Ok namah Shivay” and sudden feel released by that power and come back to my body and feel as if I am free from the bondage. Please help.


I had a dream that I was being pulled from my right side and I was yelling “let me go”. I can feel a force trying to pull my arm and then my leg as I was laying on my side. So scary.


I had a dream where I was walking and saw a bear suffering and called the police as I was dealing with my top and bottom set of teeth coming out and I would put them back in trying to cover up my teeth filed down underneath. Same night different dream, wearing a sundress, I was at the mall that turned out to be a school and couldn’t go through an area. Grabbing onto everything to get through and being pushed back by nothing. someone I knew helped push me past.


I had a dream where i was in school and was doing my normal stuff till the end of the day when time slowed down and i got pulled backwards into a closet thing and i woke up


A group of us had walked into a classroom, my cardigan was weighing down on a friend (it was on her lap), she had asked for it to be put somewhere else. I went out the room to hang it and I was dragged down, I managed to crawl out and reach the door, shouted for my mum and managed to get back into the room


I dreamt I was being pulled up in the air by an unseen force and there was a voice asking questions. As I answered the force got angry and threw my body really hard to the ground. I was so scared.


In my dream i wqs walking down the street infront of my house it was dark outside. Out of nowhere flashes lights/air gusts then i was being dragged backwards down that street. Woke up immediately more confused than anything


I dream this once in awhile:
I’m always in Some kind of house and there is always one room that has what feels like an evil force trying to pull me in. I always some how escape the force and never go in the room because I’m afraid what ever is in there is trying to hurt me.

VA Roy

I was sleeping when suddenly I floated up in the air. I could see the bed below in my subconscious mind but couldn’t get down. I saw my parents sleeping on the bed when I was floating in the air. I was trying my best to come down but couldn’t. Then I floated down but floated up again in minutes before I forced myself awake. Is it a positive dream or a negative one? I felt scared even in the dream.


Just today I dreamt it was a strange. while in the dream I was talking to my friend but she wasn’t listening to me she kept speaking then I was like something is strange, I was like let me go out,on going out I found someone else I spoke to them and they seemed to have understood what I was saying then she asked the person who I had left inside that I am asking for help, at that moment I felt an invisible force pulling me I shouted in my dream that God no Jesus no over&over but it I wokeup

Sinitta Shenton

I was in a home I didn’t recognise but I was trying to close all the windows as it was extreme winds, next I was trying to close a large window but something lifted me up and I was drawn outside.
I remember being in the air for a short while then I was at a train station which was next to some kind of entertainment studios.
It was a strange feeling as I felt as though I was being lifted in my sleep

Lisa R

I’ve had variations of the same dream yrs. I’m panicking bc I’m being pulled away from the earth by something I can’t see, terrified 2 leave earth. Struggle 2 hold on to anything I can grab. Then I was taken by 2 men 2 a line of people, realized I was dreaming & said I’m outta here. I lept up 100 ft in2 the air and flew. I began having lucid dreams, flying in them & remembering what happened in prior dreams knowing I was dreaming. Why would I dream of leaving the earth? Love flying


I felt I m being dragged more like being attracted to a direction, I was pulled very strongly idk what was dragging me but I wasn’t resisting that force I was gng with it Idk what it means


I was in a backyard at night and a little girl, a thin and tall old woman, and a plump and short middle aged woman kept wandering around in tandem along a certain (random) direction. I asked them what they were doing snd the little girl told me “we’re being called by ‘direction’.” This frightened me as I saw something missing in her eyes, but as they awaited the next “pull,” I tried to pay attention to whatever it was. Suddenly a force dragged me to my left as if a rope was attached to my chest.


I had a dream that i was crossing a big busy road and there were cars zooming back and forth and i starting running to cross the other side but a force was slightly pulling me back while im in the middle of the road. And thats where my dream ended.


I had a dream on the night of July 2nd where I was laying down and I woke up in the dream. I woke up looking out of a window, it was night time and it was snowing. It was snow on the window ledge, ground, trees it wasn’t really a snow storm in the dream but it looked how the streets typically look after one. I said to myself how is it snowing it’s almost July 4th. I got up saw my dad laying down with someone next to him, something pulled me towards the wall I screamed for him to help me.


I was walking around my house, a bunch of toys scattered around, when i walked into my bedroom, it was just a blank space with a table in the middle, there was a box with a bunch of toys inside it on top of the table, i walked towards it, reaching for the box, and then something pulled me away, i could head a loud glitch/static noise, and even when i woke up it wouldn’t go away until i opened my eyes.


I’m near an open door and something is trying to pull me inside cannot see anything but it’s whirring me around to try and pull me through, I’m screaming frantically for help and trying to hold onto the sides of the door frames eventually I’m dropped, keep having the same sort of dream that I don’t want to go through that door!


I keep dreaming about being pulled with so much force into mine and my boyfriends bed room. I’ll be walking around the house, the bedroom will be dark and as soon as I look at it, it doesn’t stop pulling me into it and I can’t get away from it. All I remember is just being so scared of the feeling it gave me. I felt trapped. We’ve had many problems, broken up quite a lot, and he’s an aggressive person.. i love him dearly but I feel like my dreams are always a sign. Please answer me !


I dreamed about my hand being still in the air. But I felt gravity on it even though I wasn’t touching anything. I also noticed that I was repeating some words that I dont even remember when I woke up anymore. I think I saw someone in front of me wearing like a black Cape which covered their whole body and their face. What does it mean please? Is it bad?