Dream about being shot in the head and dying

Dream about Being Shot In The Head And Dying signals masculine power. You need to be more honest and open with your family. You are in a position of disseminating your knowledge and wisdom to others. The dream means your loved one. Perhaps it is time for you to set new goals.

Dream about Being Shot In The Head And Dying is an omen for your generosity and openness. You may be experiencing some destructive and powerful emotions. You are putting up front because you are afraid to show your true self. Your dream refers to distinction and honor. You need to incorporate some important qualities in your life.

Dreaming of Be & Shoot & Head & Die

Be in your dream is a message for cyclic changes, renewal and movement. You need to put closure on some situation. What you think is true about others may turn out to be the contrary. Your dream is a message or word of advice that you need to heed. You are ready to utilize your full potential.

Shoot dream states your need to pay attention to your inner voices and intuition. You need to lighten-up. You are thinking about marriage or some serious long-term commitment/project/situation. This dream means your need to take better care of your Self. You constantly need reaffirmation, praises and acknowledgment.

Head in this dream is a sign for betrayal and misplaced trust. You need to take other people’s point of view into consideration. You need to channel your emotions in a more effective way. Your dream is a symbol for insecurity or selfishness. Perhaps you are not ready to confront your feelings.

Die in dream states an imbalance or some struggle in a personal situation or business matter. You may be seeking refuge until you can recollect your thoughts and prepare for the challenges ahead. You are rebuilding your self-esteem and trying to improve your self-image. The dream is sometimes feelings and thoughts from the primal aspects and less developed parts of your subconscious. You have lost track of your goals.

Dream About Been Shot represents warmth, virility and fruitfulness. You are feeling positive in some new relationship. You look for security over love. The dream states security. A decision has been made and you will work hard to accomplish it.

Dream About Shot In Head is a portent for your connection to a person. You are in the way of someone’s goals. You have confidence in your ability. The dream refers to your spiritual progress and emotional journey. Something in your life is in need of your attention.

Dream About Been Shot In Head points at the balance between the masculine power and the feminine mystique. You are ready to move forward in some project or endeavor. You are being prevented from moving forward and pursuing your goals. The dream is an indication for male courage and fertility. You are taking charge and accepting responsibility of a situation.

Sometimes, dream about being shot in the head and dying is sadly an alert for motherhood, nurturance and infantile dependency. The bad times are coming to an end. You are putting too much emphasis on physical appearances over substance. Your dream is sadly a warning signal for a lack of self-worth. You are displaying a don’t care attitude and don’t want to be weighed down by responsibilities.

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