Dream about being weighed

Dream about Being Weighed is a sign for the bond you have with a person. You have successfully come to a resolution of some problem. Maybe you feel that you are not satisfying your friends and family. Your dream is sometimes comfort and healing. Your are processing and integrating your ideas and feelings from the subconscious to the conscious level.

Being Weighed hints your ability to retain what is valuable to you. You are hiding an aspect of yourself or that you are covering up something. You need to be more disciplined in certain aspects of your life. Your dream is a signal for your maternal instincts. You are refusing to accept the facts about a situation.

Dreaming of Be and Weigh

Be in your dream hints fears of losing control of yourself or losing your position or status in life. You have insufficient information to make a clear decision. You need to take a break to decompress or reenergize. Your dream refers to your grieving process. You are clearing a path in order to make a new start and rid yourself of old habits and beliefs.

Be in this dream points at sadness or seriousness. You are emotionally spent. You may be unfairly judging others. The dream is a message for complete control over your emotions. You are nervous about something.

Weigh in dream is an omen for your selflessness and how you put others first before yourself. You are being pressured to settle down. You need to take a step back to evaluate a situation. The dream denotes an obsessive behavior. You need to be more open or friendly.

Weigh dream points at your attitudes toward a relationship. Something may be hindering or slowing your progress. You are doing your own thing and not what others want or expect of you. The dream is a hint for some characteristics that you need to acknowledge within yourself. You are feeling shut out or some activity or that you are being ignored.

Dream about both “Be” and “Weigh” is a harbinger for control and lack of freedom. Someone is helping and guiding you toward making better judgments. You are trying too hard. This dream symbolises a disturbance in your psyche and well-being. There may be some feelings you have rejected or repressed.

Dream about being weighed suggests your desires to enjoy all that life has to offer. You feel that you are being bullied or dominated by some powerful source. You will eventually overcome your obstacles. The dream is a sign for the opening of the Self and the need for emotional healing. You feel that someone in your social circle is working against you.

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