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Dream about big colourful snakes

Dream about Big Colourful Snakes stands for your creative power and new idea. You need to relax and take it easy. Something or someone is slowly draining the energy and strength out of you. The dream states a hidden message from your subconscious. Perhaps you are in a relationship with someone who reminds you of your own father, mother or other family member.

Big in a dream is a premonition for stress, anxiety and fear. Perhaps you are lacking confidence and suffering from low self-esteem. Perhaps your time is running out and you need to come to a decision about some issue. Your dream is a symbol for an authoritative figure or a father figure. You need to have some balance in your life.

Colourful dream is a portent for old age. Perhaps you are too proud in your life to ask for assistance. Your resistance to attacks will be in vain. The dream signifies a flaw or weakness in your thinking. You are shielding yourself from heartbreak.

Snake in this dream is an omen for issues of control and restraint. You are longing for a better or happier place. You have regained financial stability. The dream means some unresolved issues or feelings pertaining to a person that is lost. You are being belittled.

Dreaming of Big and Colourful and Snake

Dream About Big Snake is a symbol for your alluring and magnetic personality. You are able to overcome adversity and achieve success. You are compromising your own beliefs and principles. The dream is a clue for a positive outlook with good luck and fortune. You are orchestrating some plan.

Dream About Colourful Snake stands for your ability to control your emotions. You feel restricted from what you really want to do. You are overwhelming others with your demands and strong opinion. Your dream is a premonition for some good actions in your life. Your transition will be an emotional one.

Dream about Big Colourful Snakes is about the many different roles you have in your life. You are questioning your abilities. You need to be gentle in your approach to some situation. The dream is a signal for your strength and commitment. Perhaps you are looking for attention.

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