Dream about big crowd

Dream about Big Crowd refers to sensual enjoyment, stimulation and relaxation. You are refusing to accept the facts about a situation. You need to take time to enjoy the simple pleasures of your day. This dream is a portent for completion and a sense of pride or accomplishment. You are putting your fate in someone else’s hand.

Big Crowd points to tranquility. You are censoring yourself. You are suspicious of everyone’s intentions. This dream is a portent for divine love and spiritual knowledge. You need to fulfill and gratify your hunger for love and desires.

Dreaming of Big and Crowd

Big dream signals your financial concerns. You saw something that you shouldn’t have seen. You need to be more in touch with your femininity. The dream expresses mistrust and dishonesty. You need to deviate from the norm.

Big in this dream denotes the shaping and development of your personality. You do not know what direction to go or where you are headed. You are looking for an outlet to express your feelings. Your dream stands for fear of being exposed for who you really are. You are concerned that your knowledge and teachings are not be transmitted clearly.

Crowd in dream is an omen for a new beginning or a somber conclusion. Perhaps you are trying to pursue a love interest. You need to obtain more information and knowledge before making a decision. Your dream is sometimes your wishes of how you want your own parents to be like. You need to let go of some pain and learn to accept the situation.

Crowd dream signals undeveloped or wounded aspects of your psyche. You are undergoing a difficult and tumultuous time. You are afraid to reveal your true feelings and don’t want to let people in. The dream represents disappointments that you are experiencing in your life. You need to gain a wider perspective on things.

Dream about both “Big” and “Crowd” hints a decision that you are having a hard time accepting. Someone is undermining your ability. Someone is not paying enough attention and showing enough affection toward you. Your dream points to an aspect of yourself that does not want to grow up. You desire independence and control of your own destiny, but something or someone is holding you back.

Dream about big crowd is a premonition for a guide of the soul. You are moving toward your goals by your own efforts. You are ready to move forward into a new phase in your life. The dream represents insufficient rewards for your efforts. You are nourishing your higher, spiritual qualities.

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