Dream about black and red striped snake

Dream about Black And Red Striped Snake points to spiritual lessons you have learned. You are opening yourself up to others. You are going about life in a mechanical, methodical and rigid way. Your dream indicates joyous release and pleasure. You are seeking protection from some intense energy or power.

Dream about Black And Red Striped Snake is a clue for your self-development and maximizing your own potential. You are happy with where you are. Something from your past is still impacting your present situation. The dream points at your social environment and sense of community. You are battling between good and evil.

Dreaming of Black & Red & Striped & Snake

Black in your dream is a metaphor for some guilt that you are suppressing and refusing to acknowledge. You are ready to put the past to rest. You are feeling numb in some area of your life. This dream is an omen for how you are acting like a tool or that someone who is a tool. Perhaps you are being too narrow-minded.

Red dream states the limit you have set for yourself. You are making some unwise choices. You are refusing to recognize a negative or hidden aspect of yourself. The dream is a harbinger for unresolved issues and aggressive behavior in your life. You may experience setbacks and disappointments in love.

Striped dream signifies simplicity. Perhaps you are not sure how to end a relationship or situation. You are trying to recapture a certain time in your life. The dream indicates feelings of inadequacy and frustration. You are being manipulated and deceived.

Snake in dream is a sign for homeliness and the comforts of home. You are unprepared for some task at hand. You need to nurture yourself and cleanse your emotions. This dream is a harbinger for some anxiety or fear. You have to live with the consequences of your own decisions.

Dream About Black And Red refers to your dark emotions and suppressed emotions. Something is about to come to an end and something new will begin. New areas of opportunities are being opened to you. The dream is a premonition for renewal and revitalization. There is an imbalance in your life.

Dream About Striped Snake is an omen for a budding new love that is blossoming in your life. You are seeking knowledge, insight and inner intellect. You need to explore your emotions and open yourself up to others. This dream represents the uncertainty of life. You have a firm grasp and good understanding on a situation.

Dream About Red Striped Snake symbolises your intuition and the sensitive side of your personality. Perhaps you are taking a nonchalant attitude to circumstances that need serious consideration. You need to pay attention to the message or advice that an elderly person is conveying to you. This dream states your feelings of insecurity and reveals your struggles with some situation. You will achieve much success through your efforts.

Sometimes, dream about black and red striped snake is a premonition for how you are feeling – emotionally cold and frigid. You just need to be more persistent and diligent in trying to overcome the obstacles that come your way. Someone is being recognized. The dream is a someone in your life whose intentions are unclear. You feel rejected by those around you.

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I saw 3 different types of snakes 1 yellow and white 2. Grey and white 3.red and black this one was aggressive


Hey i saw a striped snake in a dream red and black and being honest before i dreamt about it my life was already falling apart

Maricel c.

I dream about a red stripe black and yellow snake which i killed in my dream,


I dreamt I spray a black worm with bug spray and it turned into 3 small red and black striped snakes/worms.