Dream about black belt

Dream about Black Belt suggests new beginnings, rebirth and longevity. You have some growing up to do and need to plan for the future. You are a non-conformist. Your dream is an indication for harmony and glorification of the human spirit. You are feeling anxious about how you have handled certain issues in your life.

Black Belt is a clue for guts and strength. You are moving toward becoming a better person. You will overcome your barriers. The dream is a sign for emotions that are due to come to the surface. It is time to move forward.

Dreaming of Black and Belt

Black in your dream is an omen for how you process or handle your emotions. You need to stand up for yourself for no one else can do it for you. You are behaving or acting inappropriately in some situation. Your dream points at your struggle with issues of fear and guilt. You are keeping too many feelings bottled up.

Black in this dream refers to your state of indecision. You need to control your temper. You are shutting yourself out. This dream is about how you want others to see you. You need to let go of the emotional baggage and frivolity that are holding you back.

Belt in dream is an omen for minor obstacles that you must overcome. You are willing to go to any lengths in order to get the information you need. You are in need for some guidance in your life. The dream signals a loss or a period of mourning. You are slowly acknowledging aspects of your subconscious.

Belt dream is a hint for someone who is behaving crazily. You will overcome some difficulty which has been giving you much anxiety. There is an aspect of your own self you are afraid of letting out and letting others know. The dream is an evidence for your unwillingness to accept some responsibilities. You need to take on a different perspective or viewpoint.

Dream about both “Black” and “Belt” is an omen for old emotions or memories that you have stored or locked away. You are trying to persuade someone toward your side or your point of view. You need to express your anger in a more controlled and healthy manner. Your dream is unfortunately a warning for an aspect of yourself that has been neglected or ignored. Someone is forcing their views and beliefs on you.

Dream about black belt symbolises joy, pleasure, satisfaction and appreciation for how your life is proceeding. Nobody is perfect. You are hiding your true feelings or true nature. This dream symbolises your desires for political office or your interest in world affairs. You feel emotionally protected.

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