Dream about black cat

Dream about Black Cat means feelings of not being noticed or recognized for what is important to you. You are able to easily bounce back from setbacks and disappointments in your life. You are the best person for the job. The dream expresses the need to hold some situation or relationship together. You are in style or in fashion.

Black Cat refers to some primitive impulse and raw energy. You are in full control of a situation or relationship. You are conscious of what emotions you allow yourself to be expressed. Your dream is a clue for the beginning of a fresh new idea. You are just going with the flow.

Dreaming of Black and Cat

Black in your dream refers to an end to some difficult task. You are being insulted or disrespected. You are trying to steer your friends and your family on the right direction. This dream represents upon your real life and how you are watching life pass you by, instead of participating in it. You are being forced to face your feelings.

Black in this dream refers to some fears or anxieties about femininity (if you are female) and your masculinity (if you are male). You or someone is being a show-off with little or no regards for others. You need to address some negativity immediately. This dream means protection or shield of your inner self. You need to better organize your thoughts together.

Cat in dream refers to an unhealthy, abusive relationship. You are experiencing obstacles toward your goals. Perhaps you are looking for shelter or protection in your life. The dream denotes minor obstacles you are facing in your life. You are not really dealing with your problems in the best of way.

Cat dream is a premonition for something you are trying to convey or express from the heart. Perhaps you are being too self-centered. Anger has caused you to isolate yourself from everyone else. This dream means your fears of being in an actual, physical accident. You are ready to face your problems head on.

Dream about both “Black” and “Cat” is an indication for an evil or negative force that you are trying to ward off. You have said too much and you need to keep your mouth shut. You are goals are superficial and shallow. The dream is unfortunately a warning for a blemish or minor problem. You are letting your abilities go to waste.

Dream about black cat points to fertility heritage, potential and continuity of life. Something is holding you back from fully expressing yourself. You have something that you want to say. Your dream represents your control and power over some matter. You may be recreating new paths of expression and perhaps a rebirth.

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