Dream about black jewelry

Dream about Black Jewelry is a message for wisdom or spiritual power. You are refusing to see the truth even though it is unavoidable. You are refusing to see or acknowledge some truth. This dream hints fertility, birth and your creative potential. You feel that you are never good enough.

Black Jewelry is a sign for the womb, secrets and the feminine. You are who you are. You are incorporating your new realizations with your spiritual feelings and knowledge. The dream is sometimes something that you have to get done. You have a hardened shell.

Dreaming of Black and Jewelry

Black in your dream stands for the primitive, unruly aspect of yourself. You are not being productive in some area of your life. Perhaps you or someone is being a pain. Your dream refers to insecurity or selfishness. You need to show your honor toward an important person or situation.

Black in this dream is a sign for an unsatisfactory or unfulfilling relationship in your life. You are stuck. You need to gain some insight and knowledge before making a decision or tackling some project/relationship. Your dream is about an end to a habit or behavior. You are looking for some sort of acknowledgment in your life.

Jewelry in dream is a harbinger for a negative influence in your life. You are looking for a some guidance and direction in confronting your emotions. You need to reevaluate your approach to life. This dream is about a new idea or some newly developed situation. It is time to make some dietary changes in your life.

Jewelry dream symbolises something you are trying to say and convey. You are looking for a fix because you are feeling broken. You need to rethink the choices that you are making in you life. Your dream is a part of yourself that is repressed and hidden. You are unprepared for what is coming your way.

Dream about both “Black” and “Jewelry” denotes self punishment and guilt. You may be procrastinating or putting things off that should have already been completed. Perhaps you feel you have been too pretentious. Your dream draws attention to failure in honoring your obligation and commitments. You are having problems communicating your feelings and thoughts to others.

Dream about black jewelry is a message for your openness and non-defensiveness. Light needs to be shed on some dark situation. You are always helping others with their goals. Your dream stands for something brilliant, new and great. Your suppressed urges are making themselves known via your dreams.

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