Dream about black skunk

Dream about Black Skunk hints how your life is going and how you are able to handle life’s problems. You feel that the livelihood of the relationship depends on you. Your personal desires and illicit pleasures may land you into trouble. The dream is an evidence for power, strength, virility and masculine attitudes. Some protective force is watching over you.

Black Skunk is an indication for joy, happiness, friendships and beauty. You are able to see beyond the surface and look at what is on the inside. You need to try and compromise aspects of yourself in order to make the relationship comfortable and satisfying for both. The dream points at the innocence and carefreeness of being a child. You are a entering a new phase of life or a new phase of personal development.

Dreaming of Black and Skunk

Black in your dream is a hint for rigid authority and emotional repression. There is something that you are ignoring or overlooking in your life. You need to learn to make your life less complicated. Your dream signals repressed emotional thoughts or ideas that you are yearning to let out. You are getting rid of an essential part of yourself.

Black in this dream hints feelings of unworthiness and low self-esteem. Your fears of gaining weight. You need to learn to see the brighter side of things. Your dream is an evidence for death, the underworld and the subconscious. You need to approach some situation with more aggression and determination.

Skunk in dream is a sign for how you see yourself or how you want others to see you. You are holding back your emotions. You need to take a long deep breath in between your problems. Your dream is a hint for a stage in your own personal growth and development where you are on your way, but have not yet reached your goal. You are being forced to do something.

Skunk dream is a message for a reward or an acknowledgement of your hard work. Someone or something is in pursuit of you. You tend to cater to the needs of others before your own. Your dream is lucidity and your need to think more clearly about a situation. A woman figure in your life who may be untrustworthy or cutthroat.

Dream about both “Black” and “Skunk” points to annoyances and complications in a situation where pleasure was expected. There is some situation that you are not confronting. You want to return to a state where you were dependent and free from responsibilities. This dream sadly draws attention to control and lack of freedom. You may be shutting yourself off from others.

Dream about black skunk means longevity and something that is leaving a lasting impression. You have some growing up to do and need to plan for the future. You have discovered something valuable about yourself. Your dream suggests your strength and commitment. You are disinterested in a person and what he/she have to say.

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