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Dream about bleach

Dream about Bleach signals the nurturing aspect of your own character. You need to hold back your support. You are breaking an old image of yourself. The dream is a metaphor for your fear or dissatisfaction of the future. You need to balance your own needs with the needs of others.

Bleach expresses your tendency of taking without giving back. You are literally wasting away. You are involved in a messy and sticky situation. Your dream is a portent for a loss in your feminine power. Something in your life is imperfect.

Dream about Bleach [the whiteness that results from removing the color from something] draws attention to your desire to brush away problems or something in your life that needs to be cleaned up. You need to be careful not to get carried away by your emotions. You need to roll up your sleeves and prepare for some hard work ahead. The dream is an evidence for your desire or need to escape from a restrictive situation or relationship. You may be proclaiming your innocence in some situation.

Dream about Bleaching Agent [an agent that makes things white or colorless] is a message for insecurity or selfishness. You need to be invigorated and revitalized. Perhaps you are going too fast or not keeping up. This dream is an omen for unrealized and unfulfilled goals. There is something harming or interfering with your emotional well being.

Dream about Bleach [the act of whitening something by bleaching it (exposing it to sunlight or using a chemical bleaching agent)] signifies your maternal eagerness or your desires to feel needed. You need to concentrate harder on a problem in your life. You need to adjust your tone of voice. The dream is a clue for a situation or problem that is giving you much stress. Not to forget about the past and what you have left behind.

Dream about Bleach [remove color from] is a clue for your inability to cope with a situation. Perhaps, you are off track and headed in the wrong direction. You are concerned that your knowledge and teachings are not be transmitted clearly. This dream suggests a reaffirmation of your commitments. You need to be lighten up.

Dream about Bleach [make whiter or lighter] suggests control, empowerment or manipulation. You are being naive or gullible about some situation. You are feeling foolish or embarrassed by some situation. The dream points at a disturbing influence or some misunderstanding within your social circle. You have much belief in yourself.

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