Dream about blood flood

Dream about Blood Flood represents your elevated sense of self and high ambition. You are who you are. You demand respect and get it. Your dream is sometimes some memory or something that you need to always remember. You feel restricted from what you really want to do.

Blood Flood states potential and power. You are feeling exhausted and you need to give a break. You feel uprooted by a particular circumstance or relationship in your life. Your dream is a portent for something that you have to get done. There is a force that is drawing you toward a certain direction, thinking or habit.

Dreaming of Blood and Flood

Blood in your dream is an omen for some sort of habit or behavior that is taking over your daily life. Somebody is offering guidance to some daily problem. You fear making mistakes or tripping up on some project. The dream is a harbinger for a mental challenge or problem that you need to solve in your life. You need to confront and deal with your hurt feelings.

Blood in this dream states your desires to be sheltered from the bitterness of reality. You are wondering how your life would be had you made different choices. You may be feeling liberated and free. Your dream denotes aspects of yourself that you fear. You are not able to escape from the daily responsibilities of your life.

Flood in dream is a premonition for the sacrifices your have made and the difficulties you have endured. You want to remain ambiguous. You need to smooth out the rough edges of your personality or your relationship with others. The dream indicates your repressed energy and inhibitions. Perhaps your time is running out and you need to come to a decision about some issue.

Flood dream hints second chances. You are reluctant to move forward in some endeavor. You are being deceitful, cunning or manipulative. Your dream is a message for opposing ideas and viewpoints. Perhaps there is a girl that you like and you are not sure if you should pursue her.

Dream about both “Blood” and “Flood” stands for failure in honoring your obligation and commitments. You may be getting your hopes too high. You are trying to persuade someone toward your side or your point of view. This dream points at your lacking sense of self-worth. You are lacking substance in some area of your life.

Dream about blood flood is a premonition for sorrow and longing. You are a giving person and always there to lend a helping hand. You clearly express your feelings to others. This dream indicates your need to be more observant. Perhaps it is a relationship that you need to let go of.

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