Dream about born

Dream about Born is a message for your confusion about some issue. You are getting rid of your excessive emotions. You are overly concerned about how you come across to others and how they see you. Your dream is a portent for the womb and your desire to isolate yourself from others. You are afraid to show your true feelings and let people in.

Born signals relationships and how the masculine aspects are in opposition to the feminine aspects. You need to bare your soul and let everything out into the open. You are drifting through life without fully paying attention to what is going on around you. The dream is your inability to let go of the past. It is time to rid yourself of the baggage.

Dream about Bear [massive plantigrade carnivorous or omnivorous mammals with long shaggy coats and strong claws] refers to your attitude and your stance on a particular situation. You need order and stability. You are prepared and ready for the task at hand. The dream is an evidence for the masculine and active attributes. You are hiding from something or someone.

Dream about Bear [an investor with a pessimistic market outlook; an investor who expects prices to fall and so sells now in order to buy later at a lower price] signals your inflated ego. You are paying too much attention to a person or an object. You are open to other viewpoints and opinions. The dream is self-doubt in your own abilities. You need to get to the bottom of some matter.

Dream about Bear [have] is an indication for your legacy and how you want to be remembered. You tend to just go with the flow. You take pride in your work, even if it is menial or minor work. The dream is a clue for your feelings about a person, situation, or relationship. You are looking for answers to a problem.

Dream about Give Birth [cause to be born] represents mourning and sadness. You fear that you may not be up for the challenge or that you cannot meet the expectations of others. You to get out and expose yourself to new interests and activities. The dream is a message for some burden or responsibility that you are carrying around. You may have placed your decision or course of action into someone else’s hand.

Dream about Digest [put up with something or somebody unpleasant] draws attention to someone who is dear to you. You are holding back on what you really want to say. You are at odds with someone in your life. The dream stands for a situation where you are acting inappropriately. You tend to just go with the flow of things.

Dream about Bear [move while holding up or supporting] denotes your fruitless pursuits. There is balance, harmony and tranquility in your family life. You are on the defensive. Your dream is a message for agility, fear, fierceness, superiority and power. You need to address some negativity immediately.

Dream about Bear [bring forth,] denotes movement and your ability to jump from situation to situation. You need to study more or increase your self-knowledge. Your goal is within close grasp. This dream is a clue for your cheerful attitude towards life. Perhaps you need to slow down.

Dream about Bear [take on as one’s own the expenses or debts of another person] signifies your vulnerabilities and weaknesses. You are shielded from the cold or from poverty. You may be regressing to childhood needs. The dream points at your abilities to lead and direct yourself toward higher awareness. Don’t be fooled by what is on the outside or how things may appear to be.

Dream about Hold [contain or hold; have within] is an indication for your resourcefulness and your hands on approach to various situations. You are facing some uncertainty in your life. You may be putting your thoughts in order and getting your facts straight. This dream is a portent for the cycle of life or how things have a tendency of coming full circle. You are not doing anything or going anywhere in your life.

Dream about Yield [bring in] points to chaos and disagreements. Your manifestation may be your way of escaping from reality. You need to allocate some time for yourself so you can pursue your own interests. The dream is a premonition for irreversible changes occurring in your life. Although you may not feel any physical pain, you are hurting inside.

Dream about Wear [have on one’s person] is an evidence for your latent paranormal abilities. You are nervous about something. Perhaps your family life needs to be kept in check. The dream refers to your selflessness and how you put others first before yourself. You are stuck with living in the past.

Dream about Behave [behave in a certain manner] draws attention to some overwhelming burden or excess in your life. You are trying to relive parts of your past. You are being acknowledged for your good deeds. The dream stands for a sense of freedom and openness that is lacking in your daily life. You are harboring feelings of hostility.

Dream about Bear [have rightfully; of rights, titles, and offices] denotes the act you put on in front of others. It is time to take charge. You are making the situation harder than it really is. This dream is a metaphor for your need to heal. Someone or something may trigger some emotional memory which you still need to confront and work through.

Dream about Hold [support or hold in a certain manner] means industry and hard work. You are putting up a proverbial wall. You need to take a little time off to relax and take it easy. The dream is about your resourcefulness. You have no sense of who this person really are.

Dream about Have A Bun In The Oven [be pregnant with] is a harbinger for acceptance of some new change, even though you may not agree with it. There are some issues or feelings that are eating up inside you. You need to be less meek and more honest in communicating with others. The dream is a premonition for your inflated ego or inflated sense of self. You are trying to balance your intellectual/mental nature with your physical nature.

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