Dream about broken candle

Dream about Broken Candle stands for a desire for emotional variety. You will find joy in situations where you least expect it. You are living large. The dream means the end of your journey and the realization of your goals. You need to nurture your relationships with your family/friends and develop new ties.

Broken Candle signifies family issues and feelings. You need to clear your thoughts and get a fresh perspective on things. You are always helping others with their goals. Your dream is a clue for boundless success. Something is eating you up inside.

Dreaming of Broken and Candle

Broken dream is a clue for pressures about your weight and body issues. You feel stifled in some way. You need to be more objective when evaluating a situation. Your dream is a signal for cross-words directed at you or aimed toward someone. You are afraid of taking risks or chances.

Broken in this dream points to blood. Perhaps a relationship or some guilt is weighing you down. You are still scarred emotionally or physically from some past situation or relationship. The dream is an advice that you have given recently and need to consider in your life. Sometimes, you need to indulge yourself and not worry about the consequences.

Candle in dream is sometimes your ability to adapt to any situation or circumstance. You are not doing your fair share. You need to be more thrifty. This dream is a hint for disappointments or unexpected failures. You are putting up a front and pretending to be someone you are not in some situation.

Candle dream is a symbol for your repressed energy and inhibitions. You are running out of fuel. You need to take more initiative in where you want to go and what you want to do. The dream hints a regression to an earlier state. You believe that you can do a better job if you were in charge of things.

Dream about both “Broken” and “Candle” is a harbinger for issues of abandonment and neglect in a relationship. Your subconscious mind may be trying to get your attention. You are literally getting all twisted and wound up over a problem or situation in your life. Your dream points at motherhood, nurturance and infantile dependency. You are experiencing a lot of anger, rage and turmoil.

Dream about broken candle is sometimes growth, self-love and self-appreciation. You have overstep your boundaries and into another’s rights. You are visualizing success or envisioning a positive future. The dream points to innocence and purity. You are taking a new approach to life.

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I was praying in a dream and a white candle broke down facing my direction


I bought a blue candle but the jar broke(not the candle) and I was having trouble finding the store to return it?