Dream about broken scooter

Dream about Broken Scooter suggests a small part in a larger picture. You will overcome some obstacles and find that your struggles are well worth it. You are placing complete trust in a person. Your dream symbolises an aspect of your life (career, relationship, children, etc), which is consistently draining your enthusiasm and vitality. There is a promise to be kept.

Broken Scooter is a clue for psychic ability, intuition and mutual understanding. You are expressing your emotions in a positive way. Something or someone is restricting you from fully expressing yourself. The dream is an indication for the sacrifices in your life. You are the best person for the job.

Dreaming of Broken and Scooter

Broken dream is an evidence for cooperation and teamwork in some relationship. You don’t need to underestimate yourself. You are repressing your angry feelings. Your dream means your inability to balance various aspects of your life. You may be dealing with issues of passiveness/aggressiveness and authority/dependence.

Broken in this dream signals the difficulties you have in verbally expressing your thoughts. You are refusing to see the facts of a situation or are in denial about something. You have lost confidence in yourself and in your ability to move ahead in your life. Your dream expresses a level of emotional aggression or emotional tension. You have no sense of urgency in things.

Scooter in dream represents grave or concerns about a serious or sad situation. Everything is in alignment. You are belittling yourself or others. The dream is an evidence for your readiness for change. You want to be someone else.

Scooter dream means an idea that has emerged from your subconscious. You are being hammered or intoxicated. You are ready for change and move in a different direction. The dream is a hint for your desires to be noticed. You need to take on a leadership role.

Dream about both “Broken” and “Scooter” is a warning alert for your refusal to change. You need to change your old habits and take charge of the situation. You are feeling insecure about something that you should not be insecure about. This dream stands for a prickly situation where you are unable to detach yourself from. You may be undergoing some difficult times and unable to remain optimistic.

Dream about broken scooter represents the gift of life and vitality. You need to take a second look at your motives and actions. You are taking an indirect approach. Your dream is a signal for status, authority and power. You are going in circles.

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