Dream about buying food stuff

Dream about Buying Food Stuff is an indication for some subconscious idea. You need to seek some outside advice. Success will come as a result of your determination. Your dream indicates a new or bright outlook toward a situation. You are expressing some connection to someone.

Buy in your dream indicates someone who is slick or smooth. You need to exercise more balance and control in your life. You need to better get a grip of your inner emotions. This dream is your patriotism and devotion to country. You have been given the go-ahead to follow whatever path you have chosen or whatever decision you have made.

Food dream symbolises someone from your past who you had a crush on or who you were in love with. You are paying too much attention to a person or an object. Perhaps there is a habit or behavior that you to stop. The dream points at self doubt. You are trying to maintain some sort of balance in aspects of your spiritual, emotional and daily life.

Stuff in this dream suggests self-acceptance or your quick wit. You are trying to maintain harmony and peace. You may be running away from a primal urge or fear. Your dream is a portent for some dangerous or risky activities. You are comparing yourself to someone else.

Dreaming of Buy and Food and Stuff

Dream About Buy Food is a sign for strength. You are undecided about some issue or choice. You need to line up your plan in order to achieve success. Your dream indicates the eternal bond and love between mother and child. You are very comfortable with your own emotions.

Dream About Buying Stuff is self-confidence, spiritual and mental balance and peace of mind. You are seeking some personal advice or guidance. You have achieved an important goal and are relishing in your success. Your dream is an omen for togetherness and spiritual bonding. You realize that it takes work to maintain and keep a household together.

Food and Stuff points at radiant energy and divine power. You are moving into a new phase. New understanding, knowledge or wisdom is coming to light. This dream denotes protection and nurturance. You are undecided between two choices you have to make.

Dream about Buying Food Stuff is a hint for your dark and sinister side. You are being protective of the things that are important to you. You either have an inflated opinion of yourself or of someone. The dream is a portent for experience. You need to build or work on in your relationships.

Sometimes, dream about buying food stuff is unfortunately a warning for your preoccupation with a problem that has given you much anxiety. You are unable to shed some burden. You are numb from fear. The dream symbolises your refusal to acknowledge some conflict or inner turmoil. You are not letting others see your true colors.

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I dreamt of buying food items including ice fish and ginger to prepare food.


Wanted to prepare rice in my dream, but when I went to buy food stuff, I brought food stuff for soup instead.
What confused me, is where the dream took place, was in our old house where I grew up, i was with my new friends and I saw my old friends too.


I dreamt of buying foodstuff for soup but the bus I entered to the place drove off without me and I was stranded


Dream of buying food stuffs in the market and the stuffs were much that the nylon of the food stuffs tored in the market?


Buying of foodstuffs and not being able to carry all but gave some to one lady to carry and I took the rest with another lady.