Dream about buying plates

Dream about Buying Plates stands for material values. You are working on a fresh self-image. You are looking back at past emotions and what you can learn from those experiences. Your dream is a clue for being in love. It is time to let go and live in the present times.

Buying Plates is an evidence for self-deception. You need to show more sympathy, compassion and kindness. The opportunities for advancement are opened to you, but you need to take the next step. The dream is about an awakening and expanded consciousness. You are carrying a heavy load.

Dreaming of Buying and Plate

Buying dream is a harbinger for that your passions may be out of control. You need to be less meek and more honest in communicating with others. You are holding on to far-fetched and outlandish ideas. This dream hints issues of dependency. You are looking for some guiding light or advice in some unknown situation or issue.

Buying in this dream means your need to be more cautious before proceeding on to new situations or adventures. Perhaps you are too emotionally bonded to your mother. You have fully resolved a situation. The dream is sometimes your pessimistic outlook in life. You need to look within yourself for the solution to a problem instead of relying on outside help.

Plate in dream refers to emotional or relationship needs. You need to charge forward toward your goals. You are ready for a relationship. This dream is a portent for some self-doubt or issues with your self-image. You are satisfied with mediocrity.

Plate dream signifies your inability to get what you want. You are putting up a wall or barrier against the negativity in your life. You are leaving some evidence or clue of your indulgent or negative behavior. Your dream is a portent for hard work and difficult task. Economizing will help you through difficult times.

Dream about both “Buying” and “Plate” stands for turmoil and trouble in your life. Your anger is being misdirected. There is someone watching over you. Your dream is a clue for some issue or problem that you have been rejecting and it is now eating-away at you. There is something or someone that you want to take out your aggression on.

Dream about buying plates is a premonition for your motivation and confidence in your ability. You are able to separate your objectivity and feelings. You have a desire to retreat from the stresses of the real world. The dream is about your tendency to keep you emotions and thoughts inside instead of expressing them. You are feeling alienated from those around you.

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Gift Wilson

I had a dream and in my dream I bought a beautiful plate looking like a cap and wore it as a cap in my dream but I discovered more later that it was a plate and I got another plastic plate.


I had a dream of buying new plates. About 20 of them. What does it mean?


I was searching for white ceramic plate but the seller was persuading me to buy a blue one but i did not buy and when I finally saw a seller that has plenty white plates, she refused to sell them to me