Dream about buying second hand clothes

Dream about Buying Second Hand Clothes is a hint for your drive to move forward and succeed in life. You are turning a blind eye and refusing to see the truth. It is the time to reflect and share past experiences. Your dream symbolises an end to some aspect of your life and the beginning of something new. You are afraid to see your true Self and to be who you are.

Dream about Buying Second Hand Clothes is a harbinger for the fruits of your labor. You are making a profit. You are going through a new phase or transition. The dream is a symbol for an appreciation and celebration of life. You need to pay closer attention to something or listen to someone more carefully.

Dreaming of Buy & Second & Hand & Clothes

Buy in your dream is an evidence for conflict between yourself and the society you live in. You have been misbehaving and have been caught in the act. You are the only one getting a message. The dream is a message for your reservation and hesitance in pursuing toward some path. You need to focus on the task at hand and try not to let your emotions cloud your judgment.

Second in your dream denotes your suspicions about a particular person, relationship or situation. You are avoiding some issue. You tend to sacrifice your own comfort and happiness for others. Your dream is a message for a situation in your life where you either win or lose. You are thick-skinned or insensitive.

Hand in this dream represents either confidence or arrogance. You need to improve the lines of communications with someone. You are deviating from your original life path. The dream states your anxiety over being judged by others. You are feeling emotionally restricted and unable to communicate how you feel especially in matters of the heart.

Clothes in dream states a flaw or weakness in your thinking. You need to care for the child within yourself. Perhaps you need to view things from a different perspective. The dream suggests your fears about death. You are not able to face the nastiness.

Dream About Second Hand Clothes signals bright ideas that are coming out of your subconscious. You are communicating a passionate message. Your position at the top is a precarious one. This dream is a signal for faithfulness, friendship and forgiveness. Perhaps you are feeling steamed about something.

Sometimes, dream about buying second hand clothes is unfortunately an admonition for loss, disappointments, frustrations and distress. You may be harming yourself and jeopardizing your well-being due to your unrestraint. You want to be rescued from a current situation that you feel is beyond your control. The dream hints a fatal error in an important decision. You need to look pass the superficial and get to the core of the situation.

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Hello please in my dream I saw people buying second hand clothes, I wanted to buy some for myself but I was not sure if I will get my size ( am a plus size ) but the woman selling the clothes tell to come and check that she have some nice one that will size me, I started checking and I actually found a lot of options


I dreamt where I was buying second hand clothes with my boyfriend


Dear message I saw my self selecting nice second hand clothes from a nice old lady, the clothes were so that I and another literally struggled to get a bag too


I dream about buying second hand clothes to a person i saw on tiktok that brings laugh and joy to her viewiers and allowing me to select clothes that will fit for me


I understand what u just explains concerns of buying second clothes in a dream, what should I do ? am confuse

Chi chi

I dreamt of buying second hand clothes twice from a charity shop, one was a pair of blue colur trouser and the other was a neutral colour handbag and a shoe colourful with neutral background and I was excited and the store lady told me it was from my manager that brought the both shoe and no bad to the charity shop. Please what does this means


I dreamt I got to a shop that sell clothes,I saw good quality clothes but I went for the used ones I selected like 4 of them but one was torn and I drop it making it just 3 clothes I took,I was about to pay but I told the woman that my boyfriend was going to pay for it then I woke up


I dreamt of negotiating the price of a second hand pair of jeans trousers