Dream about calling the name of jesus

Dream about Calling The Name Of Jesus expresses a major breakthrough in some area of your life. You have a clearer understanding of things. You are looking for a place of refuge and a place to keep things that are dear to you. The dream is a metaphor for innocence, warmth and new beginnings. You enjoy being the center of attention.

Call in your dream is about your individualistic attitude. You need to go out and go after what you want and achieve your heart’s desires. You are being denied something that you have earned. This dream symbolises falsehood and deceit. You are feeling emotionally or financially drained.

Name dream expresses your social circle and support group. You are being set up to take the fall for the actions of others. You need to let go of some of that defensiveness that you have been putting forth as a result of a past relationship. The dream is a premonition for self-doubt in your own abilities. You need to work harder or be more effective at work.

Jesus in this dream symbolises you are involved in some underhanded activity. You may be involved in an uneasy situation. You are experiencing self-doubt and feelings of insecurity. Your dream is a hint for a newly developing relationship or idea in your life. There are some unresolved issues that need to be worked out.

Dreaming of Call and Name and Jesus

Dream About Calling Name signals an aspect of yourself that you are ashamed of. You need to approach some issue or situation with discipline, precision and planning. You are reevaluating your path in life. Your dream points at your dark and sinister side. Perhaps someone has stolen your heart away.

Dream About Calling Jesus is sometimes infertility. You are being overcome with emotions and are in over your head regarding some situation. You just need to take it easy for a while. Your dream is a signal for intuition, loyalty, generosity, protection and fidelity. Your subconscious is trying to alert you with a special message that you are overlooking.

Name and Jesus is a signal for your desires to conform and fit in. You internalize your emotions and keep things inside. You are longing for some aspect of your past. Your dream is a premonition for domestic happiness and harmony. It is the core to some idea or piece of knowledge.

Dream about Calling The Name Of Jesus means your independent spirit. You need to free yourself from the burdens and responsibilities you are faced with in your life. You are looking for spiritual enrichment from a higher source. The dream signals your need for spiritual support and nurturance. Perhaps you feel that people can see right through to who you are and your intentions.

Sometimes, dream about calling the name of jesus is a clue for a situation in your life where you are either on the offensive or on the defensive. You may harbor some ill feeling or anger toward this person. There may be someone in your life whose presence is unwelcome. Your dream signals the obstacles standing in your way toward your goals. You need to clear your mind of negative thoughts.

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Hi,I dreamt of something rolling under my bed it I thought it was my bottle water but it wasn’t then I had a fright started calling the name of Jesus several times then I had chills all over my body like I was in a trance


I had a dream that started with my husband being at his fathers house where his Alan ex was and her friend, I couldn’t get him to come home. Then when he did come home he had to go to work and I was scared to be alone I opened the garage and there was a huge paper and a doll that was a witch, I was being accused of being a witch. I took the doll as if someone cursed me for being a witch and I plead the blood of Jesus over it and keep calling Jesus to remove the curse from the doll.


I dreamt an entity of a young boy was in my house and I began chanting in Jesus name you may not dwell here. I woke up terrified and still feel uneasy about it.


I dream about something that is oppressing me and I. Busy praying strong and I’m calling the name of jesus

Tara VanPortfleet

Every so often I have dreams where it is clear the people in the dream are possessed by demons and I start invoking the name of Jesus to bind or stop these people. Oddly, these dreams seem to occur on or around my period. I will repeatedly say “I bind you in the name of Jesus” etc during these dreams. Thoughts?


Hi, I saw dream that I was In a place which the walls has saints images around like in church then I saw they started melting I was kinda scared and I stood to my knees calling Jesus Christ while my body started flying


I dreamt of been in a boat with people,then immediately I stood up from the boat and left people fell into the water then I saw someone dragged someone inside the water I shouted blood of Jesus a man in force uniform came out to pursue me


I dreamt of my late grandmother lying down alive,and I saw demons I started rebuking them in the name of Jesus chanting blood of Jesus three times.What could me the meaning of the dream

V.C. in Cali

I had a dreamt, I seen a baby covered in blood under my bed . I knew it was evil and demonic. It wanted to harm my living environment. It tried to attack me . A Yorkie in a cat style was assisting with me that it was evil , like a cat would hiss at a threat of a dog. As I was struggling with this ugly spirit , in whatever direction it went , roaches, bugs and rats ran away scared .Till I got the name of the demon, the name was Djinn. I said djinn I command you now to leave in Jesus name.


hi, I had a dream whereby a relative tried to kill me , she told me that she wanted my blood and she was not alone , she had a spirit with her. When i tried to sleep , my relative came to my room with a knife to kill me. I got out of bed and started running.. But i couldn’t run far as the unknown spirit tried to stop me . My relative found me and I shouted *Jesus! Save me!* I begin to pray , when i opened my eyes they were no where to be seen

Jacinta white

I dream about seeing smoke figure coming towards me first I heard my mum calling me but it wasn’t her it was a doll in the church that smoke figure was behind me then I said Jesus name and I was flying it was at night