Dream about calm ocean wave

Dream about Calm Ocean Wave means the responsibilities that you carry. It is okay to ask for help and lean on the support from friends and family. You need to take a chance on a relationship and make that that emotional plunge. This dream is a premonition for your power and influence over others. You need to move toward a higher level of awareness and feeling.

Calm in a dream means discord and unresolved issues. You may be dealing with issues of morality. You are trying to understand the other person and see things from their perspective. This dream indicates secrecy and a repression of thoughts. You may be dealing with old demons and inner struggles.

Ocean dream hints issues or responsibilities at work. You need to get rid of the burden that you have been carrying around with you. Perhaps you are feeling inhibited in discussing your thoughts. Your dream means involvement in deeply painful relationships or unhealthy, destructive behaviors. You are protecting or sheltering your consciousness, mentality and beliefs.

Wave in this dream is anxieties toward your emotional feelings. You are having problems with the feminine aspect of yourself. You are unwilling to change your old attitudes and habits. This dream is a signal for your desire for children or your nervousness about a pending birth. You are being ignorant about some situation.

Dreaming of Calm and Ocean and Wave

Dream About Calm Ocean is a message for your need for a vacation. You need to develop new friends and new ties. You are being pulled into two different directions. Your dream represents your creativity, talents and enjoyment of life. You are able to let go of your problems and rise above the situation.

Dream About Calm Waves hints important information that you are about to receive. You need to evaluate the facts more carefully. You are afraid to see your true Self and to be who you are. The dream is a metaphor for surprises, new experiences and adventures. Someone in your life is taking credit for your work.

Dream About Ocean Wave is an indication for wholeness, unity, healing, inner peace, spirituality and harmony. You need some excitement and variety. You are feeling torn up inside. The dream denotes truth, courage, love and romance. You will rise to a level of prominence.

Dream about Calm Ocean Wave is a signal for your laid back and easy going attitude. You like to keep things moving along. You are surrounded by close friends who you can rely on and who will uplift you in your time of need. This dream is a portent for being the best. You are opened to various new ideas.

Sometimes, dream about calm ocean wave is sadly an alert for dissatisfaction with a relationship/situation or some pent up anger. Do not let anyone undervalue your emotions or opinions. You must find another way to achieve your goals because the current path is not working out. The dream is a metaphor for a transformation and regeneration is only possible through some hardships. You feel you are wasting your life away.

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