Dream about canary

Dream about Canary states a situation or relationship that is in desperate need of your attention. You need to exercise more balance and control in your life. You may be punishing yourself for your misdeeds or past actions. Your dream is a signal for a warning or distress signal of sorts. You feel stifled in some way.

Canary suggests a gang or an intimidating group. You do not know what direction to take. You are having difficulties in expressing yourself. This dream is a signal for your self-worth, self-esteem, influence or power of persuasion. You are intentionally ignoring some information.

Dream about Fink [someone acting as an informer or decoy for the police] is a portent for some sort of partnership and commitment. There is a message or feeling that you are trying to get across. You have a need to strive for perfection. Your dream is an evidence for your flexibility and adaptability to any situation. You are rebuilding your self-esteem and trying to improve your self-image.

Dream about Canary [a female singer] is a sign for a situation where you are feeling restricted or repressed. You need to back off or retreat from a situation that you are currently facing in your life. You have completely lost your mind. The dream states ideas and advice that you need to look at incorporating into a situation or some aspect of your life. You need to pay more attention to some small detail.

Dream about Canary Yellow [a moderate yellow with a greenish tinge] stands for your ability to control your actions and react at a precise or optimal moment. Your loyalty is called into question. You are starting to break down your emotional barriers. Your dream is an omen for your changing moods. You need to be careful not to overindulge in too many excesses.

Dream about Canary [any of several small Old World finches] refers to your feelings of sadness. You need to give yourself a break. You are in need for some guidance in your life. The dream indicates death. You need to take some time off to restore your energy and replenish your resources.

Dream about Canary [having the color of a canary; of a light to moderate yellow] stands for loneliness or solitude. You tend to handle issues or problems in an aggressive or physical manner. You need to find a way to divert attention from something else. Your dream expresses some malicious rumors. You are getting rid of your excessive emotions.

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