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Dream about catching a blackbird

Dream about Catching A Blackbird denotes your uninhibited nature. You are emotionally frigid. There is something you need to learn and understand from the past. Your dream is a harbinger for hesitation in expressing how you really feel. There is something that you are refusing to hear or believe.

Catching A Blackbird denotes wealth, luxury and greed. You are trying to make a good impression. You are putting your fate in someone else’s hand. This dream is a metaphor for the weight and pressure you feel on you. You are re-evaluating your life and what you have accomplished.

Dreaming of Catch and Blackbird

Catch in your dream states chaos and disagreements. You are in tune with your own feelings or the feelings of others. You need to concentrate your energy on your strengths and not your weaknesses. The dream means cleansing and healing. Perhaps you feel trapped and are searching to break free.

Blackbird in dream is a signal for your determination and drive to push forward in any circumstance. You need to do your own research and get a first hand account on things before making a judgment call. You are being pulled toward the depths of your subconscious. The dream is sometimes rejection. You need to be more social or more vocal about something.

Dream about both “Catch” and “Blackbird” is sadly an admonition for problems and issues that you have ignored or avoided for too long. You are unable to make a decision or make up your mind about something. You lack the ability to stick to one thing. The dream is an admonition for lost love, missed opportunities or drained emotions. You may have lost touch with your real identity.

Dream about catching a blackbird means the union of feminine and masculine energies. You are about to embark on some new life adventure. You have gained some insight and knowledge into an issue or situation. The dream is a message for joyous release and pleasure. You are finally going after what you want in life.

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