Dream about catching squirrel

Dream about Catching Squirrel stands for new found awareness, insight and increased spirituality. You are watching someone or something. You are refusing to see the truth. This dream symbolises an appreciation and celebration of life. You are letting fear dictate your actions.

Catching Squirrel denotes joy, light hearted fun and pleasure. You are letting opportunities pass you by. Things are going smoothly for you. This dream stands for a dominant male figure in your life. You are feeling emotionally drained.

Dreaming of Catch and Squirrel

Catch in your dream refers to a negative person who is working against you. Perhaps you saw something that you should not have. You need to let go of your guilt or bitterness in order to grow. This dream is a sign for your erratic behavior. There is a conflict between your rational thinking and your irrational impulses.

Catch in this dream is a portent for someone around you who is unexpectedly vocal. You are welcoming the changes that are occurring. You need to set your sights on your target and focus on your goals. This dream points to a cry for help from somebody in your life. You need to get rid of something in your life.

Squirrel in dream is an omen for issues that you are keeping to yourself instead of confronting. You are drifting through life without fully paying attention to what is going on around you. You are afraid of losing something that means a lot to you. This dream is a metaphor for some anxiety over an issue. You are trying to understand your own feelings and sort your attitudes.

Squirrel dream suggests a projection of your own feelings onto someone else. You are not fully expressing your emotions. You may be harboring aggression that is about to blow up. The dream refers to your inability to convey a certain message. You are trying to resolve some conflict or conquer the obstacles in your life.

Dream about both “Catch” and “Squirrel” expresses your Self and bear no additional significance. You are not expressing yourself in an effective way. You have a tendency to copy other’s ideas/beliefs. Your dream is a metaphor for a circumstance or problem in your life that is temporary. You are trying to pass off something as your own.

Dream about catching squirrel signals strength and fortitude. You are a strong, rugged and durable person. You are letting your emotions hold you back and prevent you from moving forward. The dream is a message for a change in your path or course of action. You are going in to many direction.

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