Dream about cd player

Dream about Cd Player suggests recognition for your work. You are in need of some rest and relaxation. You need to take a much closer look at some situation or relationship. Your dream represents some intimate or romantic relationship. You need to be more firm and forceful.

Cd Player is a metaphor for emotional freedom. There is a disconnect between your action and your belief system. You will win over an argument. This dream is a clue for your goals and your plans on how to achieve them. You have a firm grasp and good understanding on a situation.

Dreaming of Cd and Player

Cd in your dream points at a pessimistic outlook. You are quick to blame something or someone else for your own shortcomings and problems. Something or someone is looking out for you. This dream is an evidence for your desire to be in a committed relationship or to be married. You have a lot that you need to get off your mind.

Cd in this dream is about the expected pleasures, demanding responsibilities and growing anxieties associated with a holiday season. Perhaps you need to relax or take a vacation. You have obtained your wishes and wants through underhanded tricks. Your dream draws attention to the emotional baggage and responsibilities that you are carrying around and weighing you down. You will redeem yourself and regain your honor after your fall from grace.

Player in dream signals a situation in your life where you either win or lose. You need to proceed with care and caution. Someone who is melancholy. This dream is a sign for how you are cruising along through some situation in your life. You are looking for a sense of security or calmness in your life.

Player dream suggests the end of a relationship, a situation or some issue. You believe in destiny. You are under stress. The dream is sometimes your desire for order. You need to simplify your life and get back to the bare basics.

Dream about both “Cd” and “Player” points at your severe attitude or some sort of self-punishment. There is no such thing as a free ride. Someone is trying to guide you through some issues or problems. The dream is unfortunately an admonition for undeveloped aspects of yourself that you are ignoring or refusing to confront. You like to avoid conflict and confrontation.

Dream about cd player is a symbol for pleasant surroundings and joyous friendships. Big things often start small. You are emotionally frigid. The dream is a hint for being present and here. You are putting up some form of defense.

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In the dream I went to buy benin CD cassette, when I got there one boy stood there and told the seller not to sell to me. I became angry with the guy I picked up a stick beside me and chased him. When I later came back the CD seller refused to sell to me but I stood there he later sold four CD’s to me and I took them to my pastor in church. On my way to church I met my fiancé leaving church, he was following one lady I shew him the CD, he said I should go that he will join me shortly.


In my dream, my uncle is insistent on buying an expensive CD despite financial constraints. I bargain and split the cost with my uncle, but he is not happy with splitting the cost. My uncle asks me to take the money from his wallet, and I see old notes, except for one which was needed, but it was also hidden. The CD has a unique design and we buy it. Later, I see my sister attempting to open a prohibited door, the word prohibited becomes clear to me only when she points it out.


Thankyou, Messenger