Dream about ceiling cracking

Dream about Ceiling Cracking is a premonition for a breakthrough into your personal struggles. You are questioning your identity. Something is passing you by. This dream is a premonition for your responsibilities and burdens. You feel that all eyes are on you.

Ceiling Cracking is a metaphor for distinction and honor. Something is coming to an end. You are taking what you already have for granted. Your dream is a clue for an escape from the unhappiness or the demands of your life. You look for security over love.

Dreaming of Ceiling and Crack

Ceiling in your dream is a portent for a father figure in your real life. You are unable to fully express an important part of who you are. A force may be driving you to self-destruction. This dream indicates control over your thoughts. You are looking for comfort in the wrong places.

Ceiling in this dream is a harbinger for heartbreaks and disappointments in love. You are refusing to acknowledge some negative parts of yourself. Perhaps you are trying to weigh your options in some situation. This dream refers to resolution to a conflict or problem. You are trying to take back something you said.

Crack in dream points at grief, anger, or distress. You need to release the negativity in your life. Perhaps you are being snippy about some situation. The dream denotes your thrifty nature and your unwillingness to take risks. You are a group leader and a trend setter.

Crack dream symbolises some difficulty or issue which you are not confronting. Perhaps you are unsure of how to read people and their emotions. You need to confront and deal with your hurt feelings. The dream is about you cold feelings. Perhaps you feel limited or restricted.

Dream about both “Ceiling” and “Crack” unfortunately draws attention to a lost in your identity. Your emotions are threatening to come crashing through. There is a void that is lacking in your life. The dream is a warning signal for criticism and anger. You are trying to ditch or avoid some responsibility.

Dream about ceiling cracking is an omen for a special event, appointment or important date in your life. You have high expectations of others. You are feeling upbeat and groovy. This dream points to an awakening and expanded consciousness. You are feeling ostracized or shunned.

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I had a dream that I woke up in the morning and saw a small crack in my bedroom ceiling next to my bed. There was slow but steady drops of water dripping through the small crack. The water was dripping on my nightstand, and soaked my books and journal on my nightstand. When I woke up in the dream, I called the maintenance staff to come fix the leak. While on the phone with them, I woke up.


I had a dream of two cracks on two sides of the ceiling of the house I am living in I was looking up and surprised when I say them the first thing I thought was earthquake.