Dream about chicken

Dream about Chicken is a symbol for some sort of habit or behavior that is taking over your daily life. You can no longer continue on in the same course and must make drastic changes. You feel that you are being shunned or shut out of opportunities that are available to others. The dream denotes relationships that have been extinguished and no longer intact. You feel that you are giving too much of yourself in a relationship or situation.

Chicken is about aspects of your own self that you are rejecting or refusing to acknowledge. You are seeking or trying to attain some sense of happiness. You have difficulties in releasing and expressing your emotions. This dream stands for a situation that you have a difficult time accepting or an emotion that you don’t want to acknowledge. You are on your way toward realizing your goals and desires.

Dream about Chicken [the flesh of a chicken used for food] represents your insecurity, fears and sense of helplessness. You need to look at various sources to attack a problem. You need to be in better touch of your feminine or masculine side. The dream is your own childhood memories. You are letting your adventurous side guide you and take control.

Dream about Chicken [a domestic fowl bred for flesh or eggs; believed to have been developed from the red jungle fowl] is a sign for your issues of death and dying. This death may be symbolic as in an end to something in your life. You need to verbalize your feelings and thoughts. You are freeing yourself out of an unwanted situation or relationship. Your dream is some hidden, mysterious aspect of yourself. You are literally moving in circles and going nowhere.

Dream about Wimp [a person who lacks confidence, is irresolute and wishy-washy] is a metaphor for your difficulties in expressing your emotional desires or feelings. You have a limited time to respond or to do something. There is something or someone you need to face. Your dream states the things you have learned from your past experiences. You need to take control of your goals and of your destiny.

Dream about Chicken [a foolhardy competition; a dangerous activity that is continued until one competitor becomes afraid and stops] is a hint for your desires to reach out to someone. Perhaps you are running away from a situation instead of trying to confront it. Perhaps you are feeling numb and out of touch with those around you. The dream is a signal for your authoritarian attitude. You need to go against the masses and the norm.

Dream about Chicken [easily frightened] is a symbol for the end of some habit, journey, relationship or condition. You are open to criticism. You need to reevaluate the negativity you have towards an enemy. Your dream denotes your emotions and how you are trying to suppress them. You need to trust your intuitive side as well as your rational side.

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In my dream, I had a big white chicken in my hand and I saw worms coming out of it so I put it in the water with alcool and lemon to wash it.