Dream about child drowning in a lake

Dream about Child Drowning In A Lake is an indication for your desires for political office or your interest in world affairs. You are harboring some strong guilt. You are on a spiritual quest. The dream indicates grief, sorrow and bereavement. You are obedient.

Child in your dream is a metaphor for the processing, transfer and sharing of information. You need to learn to take a negative and turn it into a positive. You are being kept out in the dark about certain issues. The dream is a message for your search for stability and security. You need to stop allowing others to harass you.

Drown dream is a sign for self guilt. Perhaps you are not utilizing your full potential. You are being too controlling. The dream is a harbinger for your goals, aspirations and hopes. You need to be more accepting.

Lake in this dream signals being framed for something you did not do. You need to reevaluate your actions and its consequences. You are trying to discover your own place in the world. The dream is an indication for subconscious feelings toward a person. You are dodging or avoiding a situation or question.

Dreaming of Child and Drown and Lake

Dream About Child Drowned points at your desires to fit in. You have put up an emotional wall around you. You possess the physical power and stability of the lion and the vision, spirit and alertness of the eagle. This dream represents some memory or event. You need to express your emotions in a clearer way.

Child and Lake is a clue for your aggressive nature and your hidden strengths. You need to take things more seriously and focus on your future goals. You are well grounded and rational in your thinking. This dream expresses your potential and ability to succeed and be successful. You are given the green light to go ahead with a new project or journey.

Dream About Drowning In Lake expresses deceit, insight and intuition. You are reflecting back on your own accomplishments, memories and key moments in life. You are at a standstill in your life. Your dream hints some cutting remark. You are feeling powerless in some situation.

Dream about Child Drowning In A Lake is an omen for modern life and your connections with others. You are opening yourself up to others. You may be recreating new paths of expression and perhaps a rebirth. Your dream denotes glamour. You are living in your own fantasy world.

Sometimes, dream about child drowning in a lake is an alert for phoniness, fakeness and deceit. You are taking things too seriously. You are ready to rid yourself of the negativity surrounding your life. Your dream is an admonition for your lack of originality and your tendency to mimic other’s ideas and beliefs. You are trying to peel away at the layers in order to get to the heart of the matter.

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